Games of 2010: The Oldies Return

2010 has a stellar line-up of titles coming to our consoles this year. Over this week we will be bringing you a few articles covering the Games of 2010. We have broken down these soon to be releasing titles into bite-sized chunks, giving you the low-down on what to expect as well as possibly open your tired feather collecting eyes to some unknown and under the radar games of this year.

Today we look at some old big name franchises that will be making their debut on current-gen consoles this year. So grab your self a hot brew, get away from the UK snow breakdown, and let us take you though our second list of titles we are looking forward to playing in this new year of gaming.

Mafia 2
Last seen in 2002, Mafia 2 returns to our screens, bringing players back to the 1940’s -1950’s era in a fictional city that’s loosely based on San Francisco, New York City, Detroit and Chicago. The game sees the rise of your character, Vito Scaletta; battling with, for, against, and around three crime factions. You’ll have 10 square miles of city to play with from the off, with no limitations and 50 vehicles to see your way around it. Expect a much grittier, real and darker world in Mafia 2 compared to the previous version. It is said that although there will be a high body count, missions will be done through small-scale operations rather than mass firefights – we can’t wait!

Expected release date May-July 2010

Aliens vs Predator
Fresh gamers to the current generation will think of Aliens vs Predator as nothing more but a spin off video game for the rather poor films, and automatically tag it as pass worthy on the grounds that film to games rarely work. That would be a grave mistake to make as this isn’t the first Aliens vs Predator game, and likely won’t be the last. Any gaming veteran worth their salt will tell you that this is a title that should not be missed, even if it only achieves half of the success of the originals.

Expected release date Q1 2010

Gran Turismo 5
The “Driving Simulator” is due to make a return from Polyphony Digital in the guise of Gran Turismo 5, hoping to revitalise this long running franchise. We’ve already seen some of what this racer might provide in the form of prologue and the recent competition based demo released on PSN in December 09. There’s a lot to live up to though, and GT5 needs to make a number of in-roads if it is to beat the upstart that is Forza 3 to the chequered flag. Better damage modelling, online racing, improved AI and game progression are expectations from gamers, along with a garage load of cars and tracks including, if the rumours are to be believed, BBC’s Top Gear test track. Wannabe Stigs are waiting in the pits, engines revving.

Expected release date March 2010

God of War III
It hasn’t been that long since we last saw a God of War title, but it will be the first time Kratos will appear on Sony’s latest console, already it is already become one of the most anticipated PS3 titles this year. God of War III takes place moments after the events of God of War II, with Kratos on Gaia’s back eager to destroy Olympus. Expect the usual jaw-dropping visuals, lifelike characters, dynamic lighting effects, world-changing scenarios plus an advanced weapon system. Sharpen up your Blades of Athena, as this will no doubt be one hell of a ride for PlayStation 3 owners.

Expected release date: March 2010

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
Classed as a reboot to the franchise, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow will be an action adventure game based in a fantasy setting in Southern Europe in the middle ages. Gaming legend – Hideo Kojima – will be involved in the game’s development along with some hot Hollywood vocal talent from Patrick Stewart, Robert Carlyle, Jason Isaacs and Natascha McElhone. Expect some intense combat against vampires and werewolves, exploring dying lands and scaling castle walls with your trusty chain whip. Bosses are expected to be of the large scale, similar to games like Shadow of the Colossus, so this is certainly one title worthy of sinking your fangs into.

Expected release date: March 2010

Red Dead Redemption
Rockstar Games return this year with a second title to their successful Read Dead series. Set in 1908, you play former outlaw, John Marston, who is sent across the American frontier to bring law to its troubled territories. Expect a rich open-world environment similar to GTA IV featuring frontier towns, parries and mountain passes. Your steed will play a key role from getting around and hunting for bounty and food. We have our spurs and leather chaps ready in anticipation for this one.

Expected release date: April 2010

F1 2010
It has been a long wait for petrol-heads to get their F1 fix. Racing aficionados, Codemasters, have won the rights to officially bring F1 back to gamers this year. Utilising their exceptional EGO engine (which we have seen in Race Driver: Grid and Colin McRae: Dirt 2) means racing fans are in for a real treat. Expect a full 2010 championship line-up, extensive weather, tyre and track surface modelling, detailed racing physics, gorgeous graphics and sound effects, making F1 2010 one racer to watch out for this year.

Expected release date: Q2-Q3 2010

Max Payne 3
Developers, Rockstar Games, will be bringing new life into an old gaming classic, in its third adventure for Max Payne. It has been a long time coming – since 2003 in fact! This time around we see an older (and balder) Max, whose starting a new chapter in his life. Leaving New York city behind, he has been double-crossed in his new location of Sao Paulo and he is searching for the truth and a way out. With a different developing team and a different script writer to the original series, Max Payne 3 will be a whole new reboot to the franchise, and it is one that we hope is going to be done justice – who better to pull this off than Rockstar Games.

Expected release date Q4 2010

Twisted Metal
Since 1995 Twisted Metal has been a long running franchise for Sony and its consoles, and although we are now years in we have yet to see the franchise appear on Sony’s latest console. We hope that 2010 brings us an official announcement (E3 perhaps) and a release from its rumoured developers of the new game – Eat, Sleep, Play. Expect the return of Mr Grim, Warthog and everyone’s favourite killer clown – Sweet Tooth. Featuring no doubt more of the same crazy locations (bring back Paris please!), crazy weapons and even more crazy vehicles.

Expected release date Q4 2010

Deus Ex 3
Last seen in 2003, the Deus Ex franchise has been given a dust off and will be coming to consoles this year. Rather than a sequel, this sci-fi RPG will be a prequel to the award-winning game, set in 2027 – twenty-five years before the original Deus Ex. You play Adam Jensen, a security response specialist who is caught up in a conspiracy that’s going to see him struggling for his life. The story and conspiracy elements are every bit a Deus Ex game and it will take the player around the globe, spanning cities such as Detroit, Montreal and Shanghai. Expect free roaming cyberpunk-themed action and character customization and mods that will help you fight against the global conspiracy.

Expected release date: Q4 2010

Tron: Evolution
To coincide with the movie release later this year; Tron: Evolution will give gamers the chance to sample the usual disc throwing, light cycling antics that this franchise seems to deliver whenever a game is developed for it. Hopefully this time around its developers, Propaganda Games, will make a good effort and create a Tron game that fans will be willing to pay out for.

Expected release date: Q4 2010

True Crime
The last time we saw True Crime on consoles was in 2005, during the last remaining wave of Xbox and PlayStation 2 titles. A new developer for the third title in the series has picked up the baton after the lukewarm reception received for the 2005 title – True Crime: New York City. Taking place in Hong Kong the third game in the series will focus on undercover operations to infiltrate the Triad organization “Sun On Yee”. Expect the same open-world environments, police chases, undercover criminal activity, motorbikes, alleyway gunfights and plenty of fisticuffs.

Expected release date: Q4 2010

So that wraps up our second list for our Games of 2010. Stay tuned this week for more upcoming games of 2010, where we look at the new franchises that will be appearing in 2010. Until then let us know your views on the games we’ve mentioned above and any other returning franchises for 2010 that may have slipped under our radar that you are looking forward to playing.

Anthony Barker

Anthony is the designer, developer and owner of Console Monster. In his spare time, Anthony is a keen gamer who enjoys playing mostly First-Person Shooters and Racing games. When he is not developing games or tweaking this site, Anthony likes to be on the slopes snowboarding or hurtling down off-road tracks on his mountain bike.

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