Trials HD – The Big Thrills Pack Review

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Trials HD is by far one of the better arcade titles on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace and there’s nothing people want more than some downloadable content to freshen things up again. Trials HD has already seen one DLC pack released (read here for review) and now it has received another. The Big Thrills pack brings a whopping forty tracks to the scene, each with varying difficulty and frustration. Out of the forty tracks, ten of them have been created by the community. Sadly there are no new skill games so does the forty tracks do enough to warrant another 400MS points?

If you read my review of the previous DLC then you’ll know that my hair had only just grown back from playing the full game in time for the DLC to be released. That outing left me bald again, with the manly mop only just ready to take on the Big Thrills pack. The content consists of more tracks, increased difficulty and greater frustration, yet at the same time the high level of addiction remains. The majority of the levels are spread between the medium and hard difficulty levels which should suit the average to good Trials HD rider, and then for the players with a super high frustration threshold, or some uber Trials HD skills, there is three new extreme levels which are unsurprisingly super difficult.

Being the big headed player I am, I jumped straight into the extreme levels expecting to rev my way to the finish line. Instead I found myself pushing the reset button more often than not. I hadn’t played the game in a while so decided to step it down a level and found myself in a more comfortable environment. The medium levels shouldn’t hassle you too much and they aren’t more difficult than any of the previous medium tracks, while the hard tracks are slightly more tasking than the previous hard tasks. After a while of attempting to beat my friend’s scores, and failing, I moved onto the extreme tracks.

How on earth do you get up the very last ramp on the track ‘Pilgrimage’? The fastest time on the leaderboard was twenty-six seconds. That was no typo; twenty-six seconds to get from the start of the track to the end. Yet after twenty-four minutes and three hundred resets I’ve still not managed to cross the finish line. This is where the game gets frustrating and the pulling of the hair commences. The replay makes it look so easy, yet I still can’t get up the ramp. It’s highly addictive though as because it’s so easy to have ‘one more go’ you do, over and over again. To this day I’ve still not completed that level. If you’ve managed to complete ‘Pilgrimage’ I’d love to get some tips from you. I’m not even going to mention the last level on extreme, ‘Blast from the Past’. That level is just solid with a capital S.

As part of a competition there are ten tracks which have been made by the community, which spread across the medium and hard categories. If it didn’t tell you they were community made you would never know as they are very very impressive. Each level utilised the creation tools within Trials HD, it’s amazing what some people can do when given the right tools. I’m not one for spending hours in the creation centre but I’m glad others are.

One thing that I did find disappointing was the fact that there are no new skill games included. There’s not even variations of the previously existing skill games which is a shame as I enjoyed taking a break away from the track to play them.

The Big Thrills pack is a welcomed addition to the Trials HD game and for 400 MS Points you really can’t complain. The tracks will certainly keep you going for a while longer and the extreme tracks will test your skills to the max. Fans of the game should definitely purchase the DLC without even thinking about it. I’m off to complete Pilgrimage if it’s the last thing I ever do…

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