Trials Evolution – Origin of Pain DLC Review

The first batch of downloadable content is among us for Trials Evolution, but why? Why would you need to pay money for tracks when there is already a massive catalog of user-created tracks to download? Well you should, and for 400MS Points you really have no excuse.

First of all, everyone loves official tracks, regardless of how many user-created tracks you can download. Secondly, you know that your Xbox LIVE friends will be competing in the same tracks as well, so you have that extra bit of competition, which is always a good thing. So what do you get for 400MS points in the Origin of Pain content? Quite a lot it seems.

Like the original game, the content provides you with a new area of land, known as Paine Island, which features new tracks ranging from the beginner levels right through to the extreme levels. That means there are plenty of tracks to gain more bronze, silver, gold and platinum medals on. Unlike the main game where you have to earn a certain amount of medals to progress, in Paine Island you can jump straight to the extreme levels which, for me at least, was ultimately ‘painful’.

After being out the loop for a while and eventually getting back into the swing of things I attempted the extreme levels. Without stating the obvious, these are extremely difficult and resulted to the usual frustrations and hair pulling of such a game. Because it’s so easy to restart and ‘have one more go’, these levels are extremely addictive even though all you really want to do is throw your control pad through the TV. One of the levels, which is in 2D, even has a massive pencil that draws the route out for you as you progress.

As well as the new tracks there is also some new apparel for you to purchase for your rider. Although quite how you’re going to afford the majority of the items is beyond me, but I suppose that gives you something extra to aim for. The items range from a Castle Crashers helmet, priced at $199,990, to a squirrel helmet priced at a whopping $1,000,000. I don’t think i’ll be wearing that any time soon!

Thrown in for good measure there are of course competitions combing the tracks already on offer as well as a couple of new skill games. Adrenaline Cannon forces gamers to propel the rider out of a circus cannon to get as much distance as possible, where Uphill Struggle tests riders climbing abilities to get as high as possible. One crash in the latter will require the frustrating restart that we all love to hate.

By far my favourite addition to the DLC, although relatively insignificant, is the pushbike that you can now use for some of the tracks. Named the Gecko 520, this quirky little pushbike reminds me of my youthfull times on my bike going up and down ramps attempting my own real-life Trials Evolution.

Overall, for 400MS Points you can’t go wrong. Nowadays developers can get a bit carried away with DLC pricing but RedLynx have remained sensible and for any fan of Trials, it’s a complete no brainer.

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