Toy Soldiers – Invasion! DLC Review

Downloadable content is all the rage these days and rightly so. After we’ve all completed the single player, or exhausted the multiplayer something inside us still wants more, even if the majority of the time it’s the same game just painted in a different coating. The Toy Soldiers Invasion downloadable content is exactly that. If you need a refresher as to what the arcade game Toy Soldiers is all about, read our review by clicking here.

Moving away from the game’s original World War II theme, the Invasion toy pack is of course all about aliens. Instead of shooting down old army planes you’ll be firing down UFOs which are circling the skies. No more tanks to deal with but instead weird alien vans which shoot lasers with devastating effects. It’s nice and all but it’s nothing more than visual. Each enemy acts almost identical to the original toys but what extra can they do?

The Invasion DLC comes in three parts: three campaign missions, two new multiplayer maps and a new map to play survival mode on. That’s a good chunk of content for the measly 400MS Points, but when you strip it down I don’t think it’s worth anything more than that. The multiplayer maps would have been a great addition but for the lack of online multiplayer players. No surprise there. The three missions are of decent quality though and will certainly keep you entertained for that little bit longer. While the toys may act the same, there seems to be far more of them, making the game very difficult.

On that bombshell, the Invasion DLC is by far the most difficult Toy Soldiers content available. Even at the game’s easiest difficulty mode, casual, it is extremely frustrating, but in a good way. The rationale behind saying it’s frustrating in a good way is that for some reason, you’ll always want ‘one more shot’ to try and find another way to beat the level. You have to think fast otherwise if you get caught up in dealing with one thing, before you know it, another wave of enemies are on their way and you become swamped.

Overall the Invasion DLC is a worthy addition to the game’s arsenal. More challenging levels make this DLC perfect for all Toy Soldiers fans looking for that new piece of content to keep the games life cycle alive for just that little bit longer, and for 400MS Points, why not?

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