Space Giraffe is an abstract shooting game and highly self-indulgent light show with a lot of very simple gameplay touches which all come together much better than you might expect, for a very unique experience. It’s essentially the classic arcade game Tempest, with a number of monumental twists and a lot of character.

In each of the 100 levels you are presented with a tempest style polygonal structure (in various increasingly baffling shapes and patterns) with lanes along which the enemies stream towards you. You being a neon vector-based squatting giraffe emitting bullets from its hooves. In Space. While in Tempest the idea was to stop anything reaching the rim along which your avatar scuttles, here, the enemies pose no immediate threat and you must actively collect as many on your rim as possible. However, in order to keep the blighters subdued, you have to keep the ‘power zone’ extended by shooting and collecting things selectively. Once you’ve lured as many victims to the top of your web as possible, you simply plough through them for your main source of points. Add to this the fact that you are shooting constantly (there is no shoot button), meaning that you must make concessions, take risks and use patience in simply deciding where to position yourself, and you already have a nice little game going. There’s a fair bit more to it and heaps of subtle depth, but you get the idea.

Being a game by Jeff Minter & co, the father of music visualisers and light synths (including the one in your 360), this game naturally has a lot of those sorts of insane things going on visually. It looks and sounds great, with or without toxins and your own choice of music.

So there we have Space Giraffe, the best game on 360 to get a little bit drunk to, and for the price of 400 points you’re basically stealing it, so you can’t really winge that very occasionally it’s all a bit too much and you didn’t even see what killed you. When playing the trial, remember that the best score-attack games don’t tell you how to do absolutely everything, and must be learnt – this is one of those.

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