Mass Effect 3: Omega DLC Review

What happens in Omega, Stays in Omega!

Omega is under threat by Cerberus and Aria wants it back. How far will you go to get back the place Aria wants? The last time we visited Omega was back in Mass Effect 2 where we were introduced to the blue powerful stuck up bitch. If you have not played the series before then I shall give you a small insight. Aria is an Asari and has been rather cosy in her bar on the station Omega but unfortunately it turns out its not hers to begin with. Aria may be a badass, a blue crime-lord but would she sit around all day and let Cerberus take hold of her beloved station. Well the answer is no, she needs only one person she can trust and that is the commander.

Sheppard receives a message to meet Aria on the citadel at dock D24, not the usual place to meet but it is discreet and to Aria’s liking. Once arrived at the location Aria wants you to meet at there’s some chit-chat and then you’re off with Aria alongside you together with Nyreen, a Female Turian; up until now only male Turians have appeared in the series. Aria is at her best with combat, especially her biotic powers, Nyreen also has her skills and she can be one not to be reckoned with. You find out the station you once knew is under a coup by Cerberus and also General Oleg Petrovsky … and this leaves Aria T’Loak not happy and is plotting her revenge. The level design feels linear at times and there is not much exploring to do on the station; you end up in dark underground hallways and then onto lifts after lifts, it feels as though the levels have been copied and pasted somewhat and that’s rather appalling. If you thought you’d be returning to the familiar sights of Omega, the bustling nightclub and also black-markets then think again, everything is turned upside down with full blown attack of fire and destruction.

During your time on Omega you will fight two new enemy types, the Cerberus-manipulated Reaper and the Adjutant Rampart Mech. Both enemies can be hard to beat at times; the Rampant Mech is able to entirely shield itself for a limited time and then come at you with a powerful Omni blade. Even if you think they are dead once down on the ground then think again, get to close and they let off an electrical pulse. The Adjutant is a hulking, bulbous-headed Reaper which can leap around the map and slam you down onto the ground with their powerful biotic attacks. Omega is more focused on action than story with this content and that’s mainly all you get from it. It has many flaws with bugs of characters in cut scenes moving across the screen.

Overall the content is packed with action and plenty of it to keep you occupied for four hours. The content feels like it was rushed and should have focused on the story more than the action on the station. So helping Aria is a costly price to pay and really should have been better.

Steven Bourke

No longer writes for Console Monster... had a good journey with the team but a new horizon awaits.

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