Mass Effect 3: Leviathan DLC Review

Does Leviathan help with the war efforts or have we sank to its bottom depths

Back in March the third instalment to the space RPG saga was released Mass Effect 3, with an extended cut DLC fans asked for and also plenty of multiplayer content comes the main story driven DLC Leviathan. If you have played the game to the end then you already know what happens but this piece of DLC adds more information about the reapers, some new weapons and also extra dialog at the end of the game. The content starts off receiving a message from Admiral Hackett and would like you to investigate strange happenings at the citadel, you come across a rather strange person who has been indoctrinated by the artefact and this must be fully investigated. While you are in Dr Brines office on the citadel you will come across a head of a husk, now this may sund odd but you take it back on board of the normandy and put it into your cabin. You travel to ten different locations only to track down what’s lurking beneath. One main locations in the game is the final resting place of the Leviathan, this location is very interesting say the least you end up in bottom depths of the ocean and wondering what all the fuss is about.

Leviathan content is a mysterious one to say the least. It can get creepy at times and can start to mess with your own head, this content adds additional two hours to the main story and will give you some lore about the reapers and also the backstory of the whole war its self. Once tracked down, the location of the leviathan this takes Shepard to a watery planet and must face a final battle of enemies before heading to the bottom of the sea. Shepard uses an abandoned Atlus and heads below the surface, this is a first and only time in the ME3 series underwater navigation is a gameplay mechanic. A few minutes of underwater navigation guides Shepard to the Leviathan, an ancient species … the first species. Leviathan explains its origins, and in turn, the Reaper’s origins. He tells Shepard “There is no war. Only Harvest.” Shepard of course assures him that this cycle is different, and the war can end.

With this DLC content adding additional weapons and also codex, it still leaves you wanting to know more. However, all you get is the Leviathan as a War Asset which this leads to more questions rather than answers. Leviathan feels like a standalone add-on to the main game and not an expansion to the story, which is a shame. Bioware has listened to the fans with the extended ending and also multiplayer content, but it feels a little bit shallow and could have benefited from further substance to this DLC.

Overall Leviathan is an interesting piece of DLC but should have been so much more.

Steven Bourke

No longer writes for Console Monster... had a good journey with the team but a new horizon awaits.

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