Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning – Legend of Dead Kel DLC Review

This year has been rich with role playing games, and with so much choice it can be hard to go back to the ones you’ve already completed. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning was an absolutely stunning game when it was first released, with its large world filled with interesting characters, countless quests and a gripping main plot that had players spending some seventy-plus hours completing the game. If this wasn’t enough, the first downloadable content has recently been released titled, The Legend of Dead Kel, which sets you off on another adventure filled with everything that made Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning brilliant.

As soon as your character has reached level ten you’ll be able to turn in the quest that begins your adventure to visit the northern island where Dead Kel resides. The Navy in Rathir have been having some trouble with the master of Gallows End and after losing countless ships and crew, it’s time someone stood up and took him out.

With the last ship available and the only crew crazy enough to set sail to certain death, your hero sets off to take care of yet another evil trying to takeover the world. After arriving at Gallows End you will soon meet the locals who will ask for your assistance. It’s up to you how you proceed, you can just get on with the main quest line and take out Dead Kel or you can choose to engage in all the side quests found throughout the island to fully explore the landscape, learn about the inhabitants and local enemies while grabbing yourself another place to call home.

Your new home is called Gravehal Keep and it will become available to you shortly after arriving on Gallows End. After completing the necessary quests to claim the Keep as your own, you are told by a local gnome that it can be upgraded and it will benefit you in your fight against Dead Kel. Unlike your other homes on the mainland, Gravehal Keep’s upgrades actually allow you to make a difference to your character when he’s out and about. The best addition to the Keep is the stables, which allow you to tame all manner of beasts that will increase your stats. If you really take care of these pets you can keep increasing these bonuses, which means having a more active role in your Keep’s maintenance will benefit you greatly.

Aside from these benefits from the Keep, that will stay with you when you leave Gallows End, you will also be able to find some very nice rare items that will give your attack and defences a serious boost. Even though you will have very little trouble fighting the local Scavs, giant insects with blades, and the dead pirates that rise from the ship wrecks, it’s always nice to get a boost in your weaponry and armour. But with the amount of power you’ll end up leaving with, it will make any fights you have in future an absolute breeze, and perhaps in some cases a little less enjoyable.

If you’ve already finished the main storyline of Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning and you’ve had a good time exploring the main land for all the other side quests, The Legend of Dead Kel is a fantastic side adventure that ranges from four to ten hours of gameplay, more than worth the mere 800 Microsoft Point price tag.

Tim Leigh

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