Golf: Tee It Up Review

FOUR! is probably the most used piece of jargon on the golf course. But fortunately, or unfortunately if you’re after a realistic golf game, the game physics in Golf: Tee It Up! are forgiving, and that word will be rarely used.

Tee It Up! is an arcade golf game that utilises the old school 3 button swing system. Click once to start your swing, 2nd click for the power and then a final click for the accuracy. It’s very simple and effective. Mess up the accuracy click and it doesn’t really matter too much, the ball will more or less still go straight regardless. In the occurrence that the gust of wind managed to put the flight off the ball off, you can attempt to correct the balls path by using the new focus feature. Each hole you receive four seconds of focus to use. You can also save up these vital seconds to up to 20 seconds. The focus changes the flight of the ball, not much though, but it can save you from entering the rough or it could bump you onto the green.

Tee It Up! doesn’t have a single-player campaign. Instead you can play in exhibition modes and cup competitions, either against the AI or with an offline friend. You also only have 2 courses to choose from, which do vary in scenery and landscape, but not too much in difficulty. Each of the 2 courses consists of 18 holes, giving you 36 holes of golf to play.

Now the good stuff. Tee It Up! is fun and easy to play. Period. Those of you looking for the Tiger Woods experience better wait for Tiger Woods 09. But those of you looking for an enjoyable, easy to play golf game, stop and look no further. Tee it Up! is great for quickly jumping in and out of a game. Got 5 minutes to spare? Jump in for a ‘quick play’ session and play 4 holes. And if you’re feeling more adventurous you can head online for some of the Xbox LIVE experience.

Xbox LIVE is one of the best parts about Tee It Up! It’s very easy to get into a game and also, like the single player experience, very fun. You can play with up to 3 other players simultaneously which is great as you can see you’re opponents hit real time shots with no lag between shots. You can also create you’re own players appearance which you can play both offline and online with. While designing you’re own zany character you can choose from an array of themed hair styles, clothing, footwear and accessories. You very rarely have 2 players looking the same, which is great, and adds a personal touch to the game.

The graphics in Tee It Up! resemble something you might find in Everybody’s Golf, bright, colourful and clear. Both courses, Caribbean and Parkland, are beautifully landscaped and just add to the feel of the game.

Overall Golf: Tee It Up! is the ultimate fun family friendly golf game. It’s great for a quick game or playing a cup competition online, and at the arcade price of 800 MS points it should be swinging its way to your arcade collection at the earliest possibility.


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