Football Genius – The Ultimate Quiz Review

Do you know your Best’s from your Cruyffs and your Old Trafford’s from your San Siro’s? If yes is the answer then Football Genius: The Ultimate Quiz could be the perfect game for you. But for 800MS Points does this football based quiz game do enough to part you with your money?

Clearly aimed at the knowledgeable football fan, Football Genius tests even the most knowledgeable of players with all things football. With over 3500 questions you’ll be asked anything from how many World Cup trophies Brazilian legend Pele has won to how many goals Kaka scored during the 2008 European Champions League. You name it and you’ll have a question surrounding it.

Football Genius: The Ultimate Quiz is split up into different rounds to provide a more challenging game as well as make the game exciting when playing with friends. The rounds range from simply answering a question with the option of four possible answers in the fastest time, to guessing a player in the distorted image which slowly becomes clear. And as with all quiz games, whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins.

You can play the game alone or with a maximum of three other offline friends which proves to be a right laugh, or you can head online and show the world ones football knowledge. To be honest playing alone isn’t much fun, especially when it’s a point’s based game. Answering questions wrong take points away from your overall score so when there’s no one else to beat it just feels pointless. The game does come alive when playing with friends which potentially could seal the purchase for you.

If you fancy a short game you can play the ‘half time’ mode which provides you with less rounds however if you’re in it for the long haul the ‘full time’ mode is for you. As previously mentioned offline multiplayer is by far the best way to play this game. You’ll have to earn your bragging rights by answering any of the questions faster than your foes. In some rounds you’ll even have the option to decide which opponent you should take points off; this is where you find out who can grovel most. For Scene It? fans you will be glad to hear that you can use your ‘big buttons’ to create even more of a quiz show feel to it.

I’d love to say the Xbox LIVE side of things was just as good, but unfortunately as with almost all arcade games – excluding the blockbuster titles – there is just a lack of online players at any given time to compete with. Hooked up with a headset and a full room of four players I reckon this game would be a hoot, but unfortunately this won’t happen unless you have four live friends willing to make the purchase and play.

Graphically and Audio wise the game is nothing to shout about, however the developers are limited to the fact the in short, it’s just questions on a screen. The audio follows suit with an ambient medley playing in the background during rounds that you don’t really think too much about.

The biggest question you will face yourself before a purchase is whether or not you fit the criteria enough to turn the trial into a purchase. Do you like football? Do you like quizzes? Do you have offline friends to play it with? If you answered yes to all of these questions then for 800MS Points, Football Genius: The Ultimate Quiz is definitely for you.

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