Exit 2 is a huge disappointment. So much of a disappointment.

It’s like finding a beautiful woman in a bar, taking her home for a night a sweet loving then finding out she has parts that are generally associated with men.

That is no exaggeration either. Exit 2 is essentially the exact same game as the first one I reviewed not too long ago, which went by the name of Exit. Yes, that’s right. The game that came before Exit 2. They’re near identical. And it really, really annoys me. It plays exactly how Exit played, flaws and all. As such, I’m going to direct you to my Exit review to find out how Exit 2 is. I’m not going to lie, Exit 2 is a great game. It’s a unique puzzler with a beautiful art style, but I’m not going to stand for Taito being so completely unoriginal with the game.

OK, so it has new areas in which the puzzles take place but nothing behind the scenes has changed. Mr. ESC still controls horribly, causing many many deaths, the companion AI is still terrible and some puzzles are just so impossibly hard.

I liked the first game, but not so much that Taito can essentially copy and paste the code from the first game into Exit 2 and then release it for gullible people to buy without me complaining about it.

I mean, seriously, how can they get away with it? So what if it has 240 new stages? I’d like something to change within the game to make it a bit more fun or even some flaws changed. Even Tetris, a game that seems can only have one version, has managed to spawn many different iterations of it, each as good as the last.

Taito had a promising puzzler on their hands, which after this whole debacle, I’ve completely lost faith in.

If you want to play Exit 2, play Exit. The experience is so much better and it will show that us gamers won’t stand for them releasing the same game under a sort of different name.

Come on Taito, get your act together!

Chris Taylor

Chris is a Northern lad with a passion for video games. With his opinions on video games and his need to force these onto other people, Chris began writing for Console Monster in 2006. Chris is a bona fide nerd who enjoys any decent game that can keep his interest. Being a keen music fan, in his spare time (what little he has) he likes to go to gigs and spends most time with some music on.

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