Arkadian Warriors is an odd game. When you look at all the parts that make up the game, everything screams “terrible”, but there is something oddly addicting about hacking and slashing your way through this XBLA dungeon crawler. The “story” in Arkadian Warriors is that your city is being attacked by all manners of high-fantasy baddies, and as the brave adventurer, you are tasked to save your city. You have three different choices of heroes to choose from—warrior, archer and sorceress—to eliminate the bad guys and save your town. However, the differences between the three classes are almost non-existent. Every one of your attacks is mapped to the A button (aside from a few magic abilities that lend the game a little bit of depth) so you’ll be walking around and smashing the A button throughout the entire game.

You’re given 19 different quests in the game, and all of them, when you go right down to the core, are the same thing. Each quest will have you killing a number of different enemies, picking up a number of items, and from time to time, fighting a generic and easy boss. It’s odd that the game ended up so compelling, because there’s not a whole lot of good to point to. Perhaps it’s the mindless, simplistic nature of running around and killing goblins, spiders and wolves and generally having a good time doing it. Given the very simplistic design, it’s hard to fully recommend Arkadian Warriors to anybody. Yet, there’s something oddly compelling about the title that you might want to check out, so long as you come into the game with tempered expectations.

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