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A World of Keflings – The Curse of the Zombiesaurus DLC Review

Downloadable content can sometimes be like waiting on a bus. You could be waiting for ages then more than one will come along at once. And on that note enter the second piece of DLC for A World of Keflings: The Curse of the Zombiesaurus.

The new story revolves around the princess who has been kidnapped by the evil zombiesaurus and it’s your mission, with the help of your kefling chums, to save the princess. But it’s not all plain sailing as the kingdom was crushed when the zombiesaurus kidnapped the princess. Enter Count Kefula and the Horseless Headman; genius names. You must re-build their kingdom in order for them to help you regain the princess, and in true kefling style, this means harvesting plenty of different minerals.

Ordering your spooklings to do your dirty work for you comes as standard and includes chopping trees for deadwood, digging brimstone from volcanos and destroying gravestones for bones. These are your main minerals with some further additions being added further down the line. The storyline isn’t massive, and the majority of buildings can be made from one building, unlike the main game where minerals have to swap buildings to create new materials etc. This is a shame as it really doesn’t provide users with a challenge, especially the veteran kefling player.

To mix in with the blueprints there are the usual wacky mini-tasks provided by the crazy characters throughout the story. For example in one mission you have to scour the land destroying beltowers, while other tasks include scaring ten spooklings using your avatars emoticons. Neither is hard but do provide a chuckle and offer a slight distraction from the norm.

In true kefling charm the cut scenes remain humerous and while they are still cheesy, they never fail to make me smile and occasionally laugh out loud. The music style remains the same as all the other keflings storylines and as I’ve said in my previous DLC review for A World of Keflings, it’s very relaxing and doesn’t stress you out, so much so, hours can fly by.

Like this review, the Zombiesaurus DLC is extremely short. It’s similar to the Sugar, Spice and Not So Nice DLC in the fact that it can be completed from blueprint to blueprint in around two hours. However priced at 320MS Points it’s extremely great value for money and you know exactly what you’re getting, especially if you’re a fan of A World of Keflings. If there is any other DLC in the pipeline I’d like to see something a little more challenging, nevertheless those spooklings need you, so go save the princess and re-build their kingdom.


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