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I spent hours and hours playing A Kingdom for Keflings working my way towards building my new friends and fellow hard workers a castle for their king to live in. Now it’s time to pick up my axe, grab my digger and build up my manly avatar pecks in A World of Keflings, the sequel to the Xbox LIVE Arcade hit.

Like A Kingdom for Keflings the main goal is to work your way through the blueprints leading to that all important castle for the King using your handsome avatar. This time however the game is bigger, better and full of other stories and quests. Spanned over three worlds, you start on an ice island which is treated as your training level for the game. Here you’ll learn all things you need to know and even if you’re familiar with the game mechanics from AKfK, it’s still a good refresher. You also meet the first of the builder brothers, Doug and Bob, who will be there to help you along the way, including doing some of that all important manual labour.

Once you’ve settled in and played around in the tutorial world you’ll advance to the main story world. Your aim here is to create all the necessary buildings, gathering more blueprints and eventually unlock the blueprint to complete the all important castle. This is where the real fun kicks in. A World of Keflings is a game that can easily see the hours pass by. So much so that before you know it, three hours have flown by. This is down to a number of reasons. First reason being because of the blueprint nature, you can’t help but say “I’ll do one more blueprint then give it a break”. The second reason is the quests and varied stories that lie deep within the game. One example is the witch Kefling who can, when given the correct materials, upgrade your avatar in game. She’ll pop up many times throughout the game but it’s not something you have to complete to progress.

To move forward in the game and finally earn the blueprints to the castle, you’ll need to be organised with your Keflings and make sure you have enough resources. That means sending Keflings to chop wood, cut diamonds, sheer wool, chip stone and more. That’s not all though as you’ll then need Keflings to transport the raw materials to their respective workshops as well as the appropriate converter buildings. Sometimes you’ll need planks of wood so you’ll need a forest of trees or slabs of brick which require a quarry of stone. This doesn’t move itself so it’s vital you know what your Keflings are doing.

If your Keflings aren’t pulling their weight then simply give them a kick. Yes, the very funny kicking of the Keflings has returned. You can also whack the Keflings across the head but what may be seen as abuse under the Kefling Abuse Act is actually a reward in game. Whacking a Kefling across the head when available boosts your Kefling’s performance and makes them level up. After a good two or three whackings they might have a sore head but they can now carry more wood, cut stone faster or do what ever you need doing quicker.

You’ll need all the Kefling help you can get when it comes to some of the larger blueprints. Some of them can seem very daunting at first but it’s all about organisation. Make sure you have the resources and space to build your project and take it a section at a time. It might even put you off progressing but trust me, the feeling you get once you’ve achieved your goal is worth the hard slog. At least this time you have the builder brothers to help you carry your created items and even place them into your project. Without them it would take forever.

Four Seasons returns with three more highly hummable tracks as the audio. While I’d recommend listening to your own music after a while, the in game music matches the bright and colourful visuals which have become accustomed with NinjaBee games. My HD television oozes with colour and even though the in game character models are basic, they work well.

The quickest way to progress through the game is to have help from another avatar. This can come by way of split-screen co-op or by playing online with friends. You can also jump into someone else’s game via the quick game option which allows you to help them out. What I did find funny was that if everyone in the game leaves, including the original host, you become the host and can save the game. You can also play through this game as if you’ve done all the hard work previously. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be like that and maybe it’ll be patched in the near future. Hosting your own game does still leave open the opportunity for a random LIVE user to enter your game and crush your buildings, yet it’s only happened to me once.

To sum up A World of Keflings is a step up in class from A Kingdom for Keflings. Using the same addictive gameplay you’ll easily spend hours plugging away at your blueprints. It may look daunting having to create 20+ items for a specific building, then getting all the resources for each item but all the hard work is worth it when the building is finished, and immediately you’ll want to move onto the next print. Fans of A Kingdom for Keflings will love this and should be downloading the game as soon as possible. New fans to the series should also give it a bash and at 800MS Points is definitely worth the money.

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