Turning Point: Fall of Liberty Preview

E3 has come to an end but that doesn’t mean we get to rest. No sleep, long hours and more red bulls than a boat load of illegal immigrants!

Codemasters invited us to a press event held in the famous Cabinet War Rooms in London, UK where Prime Minister – Winston Churchill ran the country whilst taking shelter from German attacks during World War 2. This is where he made the famous and bold statement, “This is the room from which I will direct the war”. The Cabinet War Rooms was the perfect setting for Codemasters’ upcoming alternate World War 2 title – Turning Point: Fall of Liberty.

In 1931 Winston Churchill was involved in a head on collision whilst traveling on 5th Avenue in a New York City Cab. Winston luckily survived this collision, but what if he didn’t? This is where Turning Point: Fall of Liberty comes in putting gamers into an alternate reality where England surrenders to the Nazi War Machine and the Japanese never attacked Pearl Harbor. Instead, 1950’s America was drawn in to the conflict when the German Wehrmacht invades the United States Soil.

During World War 2 production rates soared with military intelligence. Now what if the Germans continued to fight on past 1945, what sort of military power would they of had? Spark Unlimited the developers behind Fall of Liberty took this into careful consideration and adapted new high-tech weaponry. We’re not talking plasma rifles and stun guns but improved mechanics on weapons that already existed. Such as an improved MP-50, Dual Cannon Super-Tanks and troop carrying Zeppelins, anything to keep the Germans that one step ahead of their enemies.

You assume the role of Dan Carson, a New York City construction worker who is seen working on a building hundreds of feet above the city that never sleeps. Your character is then startled by gigantic troop carrying Zeppelins roaming the skies above along with German Jet Fighters destroying the New York skyline while Nazi paratroopers fall from the dusty sky to seize the gritty and blast ridden streets, taking house by house, block by block.

By now you can probably tell this isn’t another World War 2 shooter like Call of Duty 2 or Medal of Honour but a whole new gaming experience. You’re not part of a well supplied, well trained military fighting power but a simple civilian who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Your first mission is to escape from the construction site, which is a hard enough job by its self let alone being shot at by incoming enemy fighter jets. You’ll make your way across iron girders while nearby buildings explode covering you with debris from flying glass and brick particles. While there were a few frame-rate issues during these sequences we were promised these will all be ironed out before the game launches. Once at the bottom of the construction yard you’ll come across a German paratrooper who has lost his way, and you’ll be kind enough to point him in the wrong direction by throwing him off a 500 foot ledge by using your Grapple Melee Attack. Other melee attacks also include using German assault rifles against their respective partner by hitting him over the head with it, killing him instantly.

Turning Point: Fall of Liberty takes place in New York, Washington D.C and London with famous buildings such as the Statue of Liberty and the White House, all covered with German Swastikas’ for German propaganda. Your character – Dan Carson also makes his way to London, UK to stunt a secret weapon development facility nested around the quiet and terrified city. When you go to England it’s a whole different ball game to the recent invasion of the American people who still have hope, dreams and the passion to fight for their country. England has been under Hitler’s thumb for many years and has almost given up all hope; can YOU inspire a nation to rise up against this evil dictatorship?

While we only saw an early build of Fall of Liberty, we’re very excited at a new and fresh approach to the World War 2 genre, with its unique story-line, superb graphics and high-technology advances in World War 2 weaponry. This isn’t just any World War 2 title, Spark Unlimited isn’t going for 100% realism but is going for 100% customer satisfaction and enjoyment.

It is clear to see that Codemasters have a good working relationship with the developers – Spark Unlimited. All the team were really enthusiastic about their title which really rubbed off on a lot of the press at the event. We’re certainly looking forward to this new take on World War 2 when Turning Point: Fall of Liberty launches this September 2007 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 Platforms.

Luke De'ath

Bristol based Luke is a keen gamer who enjoys a good FPS or Stealth title. His Favourite game is Metal Gear Solid. Luke also loves FIFA and is a season ticket holder for Bristol Rovers FC

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