“Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become one himself”

Too Human is a game that’s been in development since 1998. The developers, Silicon Knights, first planned the release of the game for the Playstation One. The game was then canceled and years later Silicon Knights teamed up with Nintendo to eventually release Too Human on the Gamecube. It was never released.

If you didn’t know, Silicon Knights created the mature third-person horror adventure, Eternal Darkness. They also created the original Blood Omen, and partnered with Konami to re-release the original Metal Gear Solid for Gamecube. Most of their games are for a mature audience, and all of their games are top notch. With Too Human still up in the air, Microsoft scooped up Silicon Knights and now the game is coming out for Xbox 360 — for real this time.

In Too Human, the theme is Man vs. Machine. You are the Cybernetic God Baldur, thrown into a battle that jeopardizes the very life of the human race. An ancient and powerful machine rises back into existence and forces actions to be taken. Your role in the game will be to defend mankind from the onslaught of massive armies of machines as they try to bring everything to an ending. The notion of continuingly upgrading and enhancing your character is, and always was, the corner stone of the game.

For your pleasure, you will have the combination of engaging melee attacks and long ranged firearms. The hand-to-hand combat will be astonishing because of the realistic fighting style. Silicon Knights went all out and based the melee moves off of actual martial arts styles and choreographed the technique with a Hollywood-like direction in mind. People that were with The Matrix and The Chronicles of Riddick will be aiding the developer with carrying out all of the choreography. The results can be seen without a doubt already.

The graphics runs off of the Unreal 3 Engine, but Silicon Knights tweaked it to correspond with the style of the game. In many ways, the game looks to be on par with the graphically rich title, Gears of War. In the trailer, this Cybernetic god can be seen slashing his way through piles of oncoming machines, and the martial arts style is very evident. Just when you are awed by the melee combat, he whips out a gun and blasts the enemies to broken pieces with flashy beams, dropping your jaw even farther. You can feel the action in this game ready to break free.

It is also known from the trailer that the game is being set-up as a trilogy, releasing over a span of three titles. Denis Dyac, team member of the developing team, comments on the progression of the series. “Right now, we’re about 40% to 50% done with Too Human, but in all honesty, we’re already designing and thinking about Too Human 2. As part of the development process it’s better to think this way. The days of 60 to 100 hour games are gone. Games are broken into smaller chunks now, and it works in both development design but also it makes more sense in the business climate we’re in today.”

When asked about a release date, he couldn’t even remark on the year. But he did say, “The theme man versus machine is just the tip of the iceberg. The rabbit hole goes way deeper than that. Let me just say this, gamers will not be disappointed.” As long as things keep shaping up the way they are, we wont be discontent at the least. This title will be one to keep a watchful eye on, as we will be doing the same for your convenience.

Russ Clow

Russ Clow not only nearly shares his name with one of the best Gladiators around, but he also has a bundle of experience under his belt. Since a very young age he's been playing video games, and has been working in the video game industry for most of his working career. Russ is a secret Sony Fanboy, although he tries hard to hide it so as to keep his position as Editor-in-Chief. When he's not playing games, Russ likes to play football with the "lads".

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