New York 1945. A town run by the mob family the Corleones. If you have seen the film The Godfather you have probably got a good understanding on what the game is about. If not, don’t worry. I will explain all.

The Godfather is one of the biggest movies in cinema, so naturally only the biggest publisher is going to get there hands on it. In come EA. So because of this EA are going to add some of there features to it. Remember Tiger Woods and the great ability to create your own character right down to the size of feet? Well in The Godfather you will be able to create your own mob character. Let your creativity flow and decide how big you want your characters eyebrows to how many marbles you want in there cheeks.

The Godfather is what GTA San Andreas should have been. You start at the bottom with no reputation and have to work your way up in the mafia ranks. The AI will act with realistic responses. So walking around with a Tommy gun in the town is going to scare some citizens, while other mobs and police will act in the appropriate way.

To earn a reputation you are going to need to “persuade” people that this is your turf. One of the ways to do this is to take over some of the businesses. Start with the barbers and butchers and other small businesses. In The Godfather having a chat with the owners will get you nowhere. There are a couple of ways to make the businesses owner ask you for protection. Oddly this means using violence to show them whose boss. This is where the action kicks in. You could start smashing things up, scarring the owner to be on your side. If that doesn’t work start smashing him up. Delivering just the right amount of pain. Not too much though. You’re going to need him alive to let you protect him.

Once you have a reputation with businesses you can move on to the big guns. Police are going to play a big part of the game. You’re not going to be able to run around terrorising store owners and get away with it. Unlike the GTA series a quick bribe won’t keep all the cops to turn a blind eye. Some will need a good old fashion beating. One’s you have most of the police department covered you can go and finish off some rival mobs.

EA have really tried with The Godfather. There polishing it off as we speak and I personally can’t wait to play it. The graphics take you 1945 and really set the scene for you to put on your hat, pick up a baseball bat, and go crack some faces open.

Originally Written By: Toby Bodman


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