Similar to Grand Theft Auto, Saints Row sports the “thuggish” feel and the “bad ass” attitude most gamers are looking for. From car jacking to gun popping, Saints Row will have you doing it all. After all, this is a free country so why don’t we make the best of it.

Being a member of the Third Street Saints gang, one of many tasks is to, well free your city and territory from rival gang members. You will start out by creating your own character, or gangster, whichever you prefer. Many have said that Saints Row has one of the most robust character creation systems known. Rumors have it, that you can create a near clone of yourself using the system. But it all depends on how much time you take to do that. Personally, I would rather create some slim looking white thug and get to the good stuff, but the decision is yours.

Saints Row has about 50 missions (if not more) and 35 territories, all with their own gang and each territory has its very own subsystem for respect and various side missions. When moving from one territory to another, the citizen’s opinion of you can change depending on your style of game play. Being in this position can be positive or negative, on the negative side getting plastic surgery can help the outcome of rolling into an area where you may not be so favored, and yes I am being honest about the plastic surgery…you can actually get plastic surgery in Saints Row.

With all these positives and no negatives (as of yet) Saints Row seems to be a definite success in my opinion, from the free-roaming cities to the gun blasting thugs, to its multiplayer mode, this game is definitely at the top of my list. Being able to blow virtually anything up is something I, and many others have been waiting for, for a very long time, and I am proud to say, Saints Row will deliver all this and more.

Stay tuned to 360Monster for more information on Saints Row as it becomes available. Until then, enjoy what we have!


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