Rumble Roses XX Preview

I’m not afraid to admit it: There was no combination of polygons and pixels better than Hitomi in Dead Or Alive. Who cares if she was only a video game character? She was the most perfect female I have ever laid my eyes on. And yes, I do go outside.

I guess it is perfect that I should be assigned to preview the upcoming wrestling title Rumble Roses XX, given my somewhat perverted and concerning opening paragraph.

Rumble Roses XX is the follow up to Konami’s title Rumble Roses on the Playstation 2, a game which received mixed, but mainly average reviews from the gaming press community. The game takes a simple wrestling (beat ‘em up) gameplay mechanic. At a tender age I was a big fan of the WWF (sorry, WWE?) that was always on Sky Sports. Now I look back at it a few years later and I struggle to see the attraction. Overweight American males holding onto each others tight little panties isn’t exactly my cup of tea, however some slender, busty American ladies holding onto each others tight panties definitely seems enthralling. Cue Rumble Roses XX.

Rumble Roses XX takes what the original game was well known for, and just extends on that. You will get a host of ladies wearing as little as possible to choose from, lots of rock music and some over the top wrestling moves in exchange for your hard earned cash. One of the most discussed features of the original was the way in which the audience reacted extremely closely to the action taking place in the ring; a feature Konami have promised to expand upon in the XBOX 360 copy of the game.

There are set to be around 20 fighters in the game, some of them favourites from the original game, but a couple of new [pretty? -Ed] faces will join the existing mix. Once you have selected a fighter there will be a number of solo modes which will see you face off against other computer controlled characters. Success in these modes will provide you with a number of secret items.

On offer are a couple of new modes of play such as a Tag Team mode which is pretty self-explanatory as to the way it plays. The Tag Team mode does offer a slight mix up to the general rule of the tag team mode seen in other games however. There will be team break ups, unintended attacks on team mates and special double team combo’s. On hand is also a battle royal mode and an elimination mode, all of which test your skills to a new level of difficulty by throwing many characters on screen at once.

Coming from the original is Rumble Roses persona mode, which allows your character to take shape as either a good or an evil wrestler. The crowds reception towards you will change depending on the way you play, as will your plays wardrobe. Being bad will result in the unlocking of a number of slutty costumes, whereas the good will get pretty and clean costumes. All depends on personal preference I guess.

Graphically, the game is looking really nice; the characters look more realistic and more rounded than in the previous version, and their facial details are really quite impressive. The crowd also looks more realistic, no longer do they look like cardboard cut outs placed around the edge of the ring. The lighting around the ring is also quite realistic and impressive.

In terms of attacks in the game, it is the general affair of elbow drops and surplexes mixed up with special character attacks which show off the personality of that character. Another example of crowd participation are taunts, which allow you to use the crowd to really annoy your opponent.

Rumble Roses XX has not been set a release date as of yet, but stay tuned to for an announcement.


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