Flight simulation games tend to produce two distinctive camps. Those players that I shall call the ‘hardcore’ group where a flight simulation is all about the take off, keeping your bird in the air and then landing again successfully, gracefully as a swan. Then of course the other camp is that group of players (like me) that cannot give a stuff about the intricacies of flying, this camp just wants that arcade feel, ‘Top Gun me up’ experience, and to blow the pap out of anything and everything that gets in their way. Well guess what folks, (queue drum roll) Taito is about to deliver an Xbox 360 flight experience to please both camps.

World Airforce is the latest instalment in Taito’s Energy Airforce air-combat series and like previous instalments the game will feature real life military aircraft. Now although the complete list has not been announced, expect to see the likes of the F/A-18E, F-15 and F/A-22 Raptor to name a few of these marvellous flying killing machines.

As I mentioned above, World Airforce offers two styles of play; Arcade as one choice and Simulation (time to read the manual then) as your other choice. Arcade will most certainly appeal to a lot of 360 gamers. Crimson Skies anyone? And from what we can find, World Airforce will give you an endless stream of missiles, to take on your enemy and complete your objectives, within the time limit of course.

Simulation mode on the other hand is well, yes, some of the above, with you having objectives to complete, enemy birds to shoot down, etc, etc, but with that real life twist. In this mode you have to get that beast of yours in the air, keep it there, and from what we have seen staying in the air will be no easy task. Then of course, use your firepower effectively and well upon completion and land successfully again.

It is entirely apparent that Taito have used every ounce of strength the Xbox 360 can muster, as the visuals in WA are breathtaking. You have a multitude of cockpit views to toy with and your surrounding visuals are pretty sexy to look at too. You could quite easily find yourself taking your eye off what you are supposed to be concentrating on whilst you gawp, jaw-drop fashion, at what’s around you.

Release date for World Airforce is sketchy but keep your eyes peeled at the sky for this one, Its going to be a blast.

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