Need for Speed: Carbon Preview

Need for Speed: Carbon is yet another game to add to the ever popular Need for Speed series. The game itself was first shown at E3 in a small six second clip where all you really saw was some headlight and the new Carbon logo, then slowly EA released more and more info then came the screenshots and so we come to 360Monsters NFS: Carbon First Look.

The first thing we’ll talk about is the rather cool new ‘crew’ feature in Carbon. With this new game you must make up a team of racers in your bid for global supremacy (well global might be a tad exaggerated). What’s more its not simply a case of choosing the car with green neons, a huge stereo and 502840 inch rims, you must have some stability in your crew. The main aim of your crew is to have a balance between the different racing types, some of those include scout, drafter and blockers all of which have their own job in the game. For example the scout goes off ahead and tries to sniff out trouble for you to sort out and the blocker… well he … blocks things quite simply.

EA have promised that there will be a bigger level of customisation compared to Most Wanted. Everything will be available; from carbon hoods, O.Z Rims, tinted windows and garbage can exhausts right through to the performance side of things like turbo, suspension, tyres and good old NOS. Not forgetting things like multi-coloured paint jobs and flaming decals to make your ride truly unique.

You yourself are a very well known racer in the game, part of that is due to some of your actions in the Most Wanted blacklist war and now you’re back to win money, cars, girls and respect from your fellow racers. The storyline to the title is being kept under lock and key and as such all we know is that you come to Carbon Canyon to settle a score, whether that’s with an old rival, family member or a really pissed of ex-girlfriend we don’t know, but we will of course let you know once the plot hits the internet.

Now onto what you and your crew will be doing 95% of the time and that is winning races to take control of certain territories within the Carbon Canyon world. To win territories you must simply challenge the gang who own the occupied territory and you must then proceed to win the race if you want to further establish your name within Carbon Canyon. When you start you will of course have nothing, you won’t have any rep and everyone will simply turn their noses up at you. To gain ‘crew’ members you must go it alone at first and up your rep, once you start winning races people will start coming up to you hoping to join your ‘crew’. Another thing to note is that at first your cars will be about as fast as your mates rusty Vauxhall Nova and again to get faster cars you must either win pink slip races against your various foes, or unlock cars by progressing to a certain place in the game.

NFS: Carbon contains a lot of the races include high cliff edges, so now as well as worrying about the traffic, competitors and the road, you must also realise that one wrong drift will see you fall to the bottom of a rather large cliff. Of course like many games you will find that you make an astonishing recovery and you will be able to race again, but what we don’t know is if you will simply lose the whole race after falling, or if you simply lose a few seconds. The game also seems to have gone back to the old underground style of midnight racing; we are yet to see a screenshot of the game in the day or at dusk like in Most Wanted so it looks like sunglasses are out and night goggles are in.

On the whole the new game looks pretty awesome what with more cars, more customisation and more tracks, you can’t go wrong with NFS: Carbon. Not forgetting your crew whom you will race with for money and cars. The game should hit stores late this year and by the looks of things it’s shaping up to be one hell of a game.

Originally Written By: Lee Matthews


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