Bond, Satan Bond. You know, I just don’t think it has the same ring to it but Developer Metropolis Software seems to think that is may just work. For console owners, having a game that has a Spy or Secret Agent as a main hero is nothing new. You cannot swing a joypad without hitting a good few agents hiding in the shadows. The 360 already has its own spy heroine in the curvy shape of Joanna Dark, so why would we need another one? The hero you play has the slightly odd but obvious name, Dark Eaville. Now this name may make people think something odd was going on – and they would be right. Mr Eaville happens to be the governments best intelligence agent but also happens to be the Devil. Yes, you read correctly, you play a gadget throwing, stunt performing son from hell and going by what the game offers, it may just be an interesting mix. Then again it may have a snowball in hells chance of succeeding (Sorry, no more hell jokes)

Every thousand years a very rare planetary alignment makes earth invisible to both Heaven and Hells bosses. Secret agencies working for both Heaven and Hell battle for human souls, since at this particular time they stop obeying the rules. Not that hell is fussed about obeying the rules in the first place. An interesting plot is that you play as the bad guy trying to keep the delicate balance between good and evil.

Third person seems to be this seasons black, as Mr Eaville sneaks around in a Splinter Cell fashion, dispatching enemies, pilfering top secret information and getting the girl no doubt. Graphically, this title is no slouch and it manages to mix realistic environments, dark and gloomy shadows and some bizarre demonic powers. Even as you are reading this, Metropolis Software must be slaving away bringing tweaks and new touches into this title, so hopefully their hard work will pay off. Infernal does come across as being a little bit too much like Splinter Cell. From the dark shadows and sneaking around to the variety of gadgets you get to play with makes you think that it could just be Sam Fisher with horns and a pitchfork. Being a demon and having to reduce yourself to fisticuffs just does not seem right. Sure you can wield a vast amount of weaponry, from your basic pistol up to your more destructive assault rifles and rocket launchers but the fun begins when you start to use your hellish powers to get the job done quickly.

Using your special gifts you can alter guns to do some slightly odd things, such as vampire bullets, possession etc. Apart from playing with weapons, you can also turn into a ghost, which is bound to help getting past those pesky guards. Like all demons can (So I hear) you can feed off the soul of your last enemy in order to replenish your own health. Handy I am sure you will agree.

So far this is looking like a cracking title, mixing the much loved tactical sneaking genre and the mindless violence genre into one mushy bag of demonic goodness. Will Metropolis Software manage to produce something worthy of the 360 with all of this untapped potential or will this game literally be going to hell? Signs are looking good at the moment but until some gameplay footage is released we just have to go by some very pretty screenshots. The other question is if it will be able to stand on its own two feet when Demonik and the Darkness are both playing the demon-from-hell card. I am sure it will be a great title and definitely one to keep your eyes on. Hopefully the rumour of some kind of multiplayer aspect could keep many players going for a good long while … or at least until hell freezes over.

Originally Written By: Barrie Rogers


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