I hadn’t heard of Sony’s new game EyePet which is due for release in October 2009 before I headed to the Edinburgh Interactive Festival 2009. Looking across the game show floor I thought I was in a dream. I thought I was going to see Project Natal in action. Now this was foolish to believe, but when I saw the gigantic screen from afar I thought it was too good to be true. It was in fact too good to be true, however the end result, EyePet, was not a disappointment after all.

I managed to take two videos of semi-average mobile quality for your viewing pleasure, first up being the EyePet in action.

Now as you can see by the video EyePet allows you to have your own virtual pet (cute dog like creature only at the moment) in which you can play, train, feed and keep healthy for as long as you want. It is in effect an expansion from the tamagotchi. A huge expansion nevertheless. From the video you will see that the virtual pet reacts to the movements picked up from the EyeToy camera. Swiping at the pet will cause him/her it to jump over in an instant reaction. It also looks like it reacts to sound and gamers will require some floor space or table space to make best use of the EyePet game, especially the mini-games.

The mini-games seem rather impressive, although no doubt the novelty value will quickly wear off. Games like trampoline jumping, tennis which is more like pong, a bubble blowing machine and plane flying in which you can design the plane on a piece of paper and hold it up to the screen, which then allows the pet to create a virtual version of what you have just drawn.

The menu system for the game works quite well. It’s actually a square card in which you simply keep it in view of the screen and the options will appear in a holographic menu. The EyeToy camera recognises the card known as the magic card and this is the basis for most of your activities. You can just flick through the menu using hand movement to move from activity to activity.

Accessorising your pet seems to be a major part of the game. You can put costumes, hats, jackets, shoes, helmets, almost any apparel you want on your pet, as well as fully changing the colour of your pet, shown in the video below.

That’s all the footage I managed to get unfortunately, but you must admit, it’s impressive stuff. EyePet certainly won’t appeal to the hardcore gamer, but for those with kids or don’t have time to own a real pet, EyePet could be the game for you. Expected for an October 2009 release there will be a lot of EyePet news in the near future. Stay tunes and keep it Console Monster.


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