As Microsoft try to tease the Japanese market into thinking that the XBOX 360 is a good thing they are publishing a quaint 360 title to coincide with the Eastern launch. That title goes by the name “Every Party”, and basically, it’s a board game.

Does that sound Japanese to you? Well the idea of a video game where you play a board game I always thought was a thing the Jap’s would go crazy for (a la Mario Party) and it seems Microsoft have spotted that too. Will it make the Japanese like XBOX? Who knows.

In Every Party pits you within a four player board game environment whereby you can play against human or AI opponents (or a mixture of both of course).


On every turn each player will spin a spinner, of which will land on a number between 1 and 6 indicating how many places you can move across the board. However, there is not just one kind of spinner on the game, therefore depending on your strategy at playing the game you will receive different outcomes to different spinners. The “lazy spinners” mixes numbers with “stars”. Landing on a star will receive the bonus from the square you currently sit on, on the board. This is profitable if you are standing on a beneficial square, however, like most board games it is all about luck.

The goal of the game is to reach the end of the board before your opponent and there are multiple routes you can take to reach that goal. The board holds many secrets traps and puzzles so you may opt for a short route with risky traps and dangerous consequences, or you may opt for a long route with plenty of bonuses. The amount of choices you can make in the game is endless which will result in replay value, and a more challenging experience.


As you progress through the game you will unlock various different outfits and accessories for you character, which you can then use to dress your character with and take them online. It makes the single player mode particularly worth while, if only for the fact that you will be able to go online wearing a particularly cool new pair of sunglasses.

Graphically Every Party looks phenomenal. It is drawn by Japanese comic book artist Sakura Momoko. Essentially a video game based on a board game shouldn’t be able to take the full advantage of the graphical power of a console like the 360, however, Every Party manages to do that.

Currently there are no plans for the game to be released in Europe or the US. Stay tuned to for updates on this game.


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