Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Preview

Elder Scrolls just hit there 10th anniversary as well as came out with The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Every addition to The Elder Scrolls series seems to get better and better. Oblivion marks the fourth game in the series, and will most likely be the most popular. “Why is that?” you ask? Well, The Elder Scrolls series is for nerds, the hardcore RPG fans. Not this time though. Oblivion will open its doors and welcome any RPG fan, and the game will surely please the hardcore crowd and the casual group. Surely, developer Bethesda Softworks is hitting two birds with one stone.

It begins as Emperor Uriel Septim VII describes his nightmarish visions of a portal which has opened, allowing thousands of monsters to storm the Kingdom of Tamriel. The Emperor, who is sullen by the recent assassination of his family, knows he will not make it through the night, but he attempts to flee the castle regardless. This is where your adventure begins, deep in the dungeons of Septim’s castle. Once you start to play your actions will begin to form your character.

Oblivion basically forms what happens on its own. If you go into a forest, you’ll see plants, trees, and animals. They all behave on there own, no programmers programmed them to do certain things, they act in real time. Same goes with the AI. They behave on there own, have there own schedules, and will like you or loathe you on there own if they’d like. There conversations are random and most of the time will give you mini-quests to explore on. AI will even take time to do there own schedule which is also not programmed. They will read, eat, sleep, train, etc. There are over 400 books in Oblivion. Even their pets will do the same. They will even drink potions while training in a certain skill, or drop items for you to have if they appreciate you enough.

Oblivion will retain the same ‘Elder Scrolls’ styled graphics. This includes vast levels, and extreme detail to environments. This may not be the prettiest game on Xbox 360, but it will make up for it with a unique style and an immense world. Character speech animation will match almost everything they say. Lighting effects have improved greatly, and the same goes for textures. Every object and person has their own texture, none are alike. And when there are over 9000 items in Oblivion, this adds up to a bunch of textures.

On an interesting note, Oblivion packs in over 50 hours of dialogue, taking up almost half of the DVD with voicing. As stated earlier, this voicing is applied to characters in the game with accuracy Music in background is just right, not too loud or too quiet.

There are over 200 dungeons all hand designed. You can fight in first person or third person. Which ever is comfortable with you. The new combat system combines magic, melee and, defense are all into one. Dungeons even have power crystals, usually Elven since the Elves made the dungeons years before man was on Tamriel. These power crystals can help your character in many different ways!

We are looking forward for Oblivion to be  released near or close after Christmas.


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