First launched in 2007, the Crackdown series has seen gamers running, driving and leaping their way through Pacific City, while collecting agility orbs and causing chains of explosions. After two successful outings on the Xbox 360, Crackdown for the Xbox One was unveiled via a teaser trailer shown during Microsoft’s E3 press conference in 2014.

Like its predecessors, Crackdown on Xbox One will be developed by its original creator Dave Jones (who is also behind the likes of Grand Theft Auto and Lemmings). The open world, third-person shooter is set to deliver unrivalled mayhem and destruction in both the single player and the multiplayer.

In terms of game modes, Crackdown looks set to feature a new campaign (which will be fully playable in co-op) and an entirely new competitive experience over Xbox Live.

Microsoft Studios creative director Ken Lobb explained to OXM that players will be able to flick between the game modes without the use of menus. He said: “You’re playing the game; it’s single, it’s co-op, it’s a mash-up. Choose at will in the game, instead of hiding behind menus and loads and lobbies. Just make the gameplay as if it’s one big thing.”

Microsoft also suggested that the game will utilise Xbox Live to “power a city which isn’t just an exciting place to play, but is a part of your destructive arsenal”. This has sparked rumours that the next instalment in the Crackdown series will require an active internet connection at all times. However, Microsoft has yet to respond to this speculation.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Lobb told gamers not to label the new Crackdown as “Crackdown 3”. He said: “I don’t like X game number seven. It’s a good idea sometimes to have a game with a subtitle. Crackdown is a perfect example. Is it really 3? It is the future. This is a different place, long after the original game. But is it 2? Is it a different universe than 2? Yeah, it’s kinda a sequel to 1. It’s Crackdown.”

Crackdown is expected to launch on the Xbox One in Q4 2015.

David Wriglesworth

David Wriglesworth is a Northern lad with a passion for gaming, who graduated from the University of Lincoln with a BA (Hons) Journalism degree. If you can drag him away from the consoles, you can probably find him Tweeting or watching Coronation Street.

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