Burnout is one of the few racing titles that most gamers would have heard about. It’s a game where you have to have a quick reaction time to beat your rivals. Fail to make a quick judgement and BAM, you’ve crashed!

If you have played Burnout Revenge on the Xbox/PS2 then you already know what I am about to tell you. Revenge changes the way the Burnout titles used to play. You can now plough into traffic that is moving on the right side of the road (traffic moving the same way as you). But you have to be careful what you plough through. Don’t try to drive through anything that is a lot heavier or bigger in size than the car you are driving. So buses and trucks are not to be rammed nor is traffic that is moving across the road.

Crash breakers have now been added to race mode. Crash breakers work when you have crashed. If you had enough boost when you crashed you are allowed to use a crash breaker. Think of a crash breaker as this. Your car is stuffed with some high explosive and will only detonate at your command (Pressing the B button). So if you have crashed or been taken down by an opponent, just get the timing right and push the button. With your car exploding it will send a shock wave around you exploding or pushing anything in its path. Great for taking down any cars that are coming past you.

What’s all on your lips is what’s going to be new with the 360 version. Well for a start you can bet that the graphics are going to look amazing on the 360. From speeding down the track with traffic becoming a blur of colours, to crashes that look so realistic you want to check that it didn’t just damage your TV with high definition shrapnel.

A couple of new features will be implemented in the 360 version. One of the major additions will be Live Revenge. The idea is that all the players you takedown on Live will be recorded. This means that when you join a match and you have played a player before, it will tell you if you have taken them down or if you have been taken down by them. It will also tell you the score between you. So say your rival is 10 ahead. They’re boasting about it, thinking they’re all that. So what you need to do it take them down. The score is then settled. They might have been 10 ahead but you were the one that took them down. Now you can be the one boasting.

At last! They have added something we have all been waiting for in the Burnout series, the ability to save your replays and highlight the best bits. Not only that but you will be able to upload them to the Burnout Live server and share it with other Xbox 360 Live players. They call this Save & Share. Other Live players will be able to rate your replay and there will be a top 20 replay section in the game.

The only flaw about all these new features is that you won’t be able to play Burnout Revenge on live with original Xbox users, but let’s be honest, who cares?

I own the Xbox version and I think it’s the best racing title I have ever played, and I am happily going to buy the 360 version. On high definition TVs it’s going to look superb and is definitely going to be one of the top titles of 2006.

Originally Written By: Toby Bodman

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