Alan Wake Preview

Alan Wake Preview

Alan Wake (AW) is scheduled for a release on the XBOX 360 and PS3 next year and comes from the creator of the Max Payne titles.

You play Alan Wake, a world-renowned horror author, of whom his ideas come from his fiancée – the inspiration behind his nightmares. One day his fiancée goes missing, leading to Alan Wake starting to crack and resulting in a lack of sleep. He gets appointed to a hospital, whereby coincidentally enough, he finds a nurse who is a spitting image of his fiancée. This leads to Alan’s nightmares beginning to flow again, but this time around they become a little too real.

Alan Wake attempts to create an atmosphere of subtle weirdness without being ostentatious (To keep the tension lying underneath the game). The big twist of the game is discovering whether Alan is actually going mad, or if it is the world around him going mad. (Dammit you’ve spoilt it now! -ed)

The enemies come out at night in Alan Wake and as the game goes on the nights will begin to draw out. Little is known about how the actual game will play but early footage shows Alan running around with a flashlight and gun. I think we can expect some very tense and slow gameplay from AW.

At the moment the highlight of the game is the graphical touches. From the rendered footage that was shown at E3 we can see the high quality graphical touches applied to the main character as well as the environments he is placed in. What is also impressive about the graphics within Alan Wake is the top quality effects used for the weather; the lighting is near enough perfect and the haze of the fog is brilliantly captured to portray the mood of the game.

Alan Wake does not have a release date as of yet, and from what 360monster have seen of the game, that is probably a good thing. While all the graphics and the physics engine are looking in place, very little else is known about exactly how the game will play.

However, coming from the developers of Max Payne, gamers can be rest assured that AW will provide a solid action experience, with a deep undertone of sheer craziness running throughout the whole game with a lot of twists and turns in the storyline.

This game will definitely be one to look out for. We will bring you more on it when we have it here on