Zombies die to rise again

Capcom’s mall-zombie smash-a-thon Dead Rising has now officially infested one million homes all over the place. Capcom, and more specifically the company’s executive VP Mark Beaumont, hints that because of the success of the smash’em-up title, the dead may rise again “for years to come” meaning a sequel (or how about a bunch of’em?) might be inbound for the future.

Even though introducing a park bench to a zombie’s mouth or an acoustic guitar at high speed to its ear sure as hell satisfies the zombie-p0wning slayer inside of us, let’s put things into perspective. Dead Rising sold over 500.000 copies in the first two weeks which means that by the end of August (US release), the title had already rioted half the amount of homes it has done at this point. The decline in sales the game faced afterwards seems to have been quite noticeable as it took it 4 months to invade the rest of the 500.000 homes. Now, compare that to the amazing 2.7 million units sold of Epic’s epic epic Gears of War in less than half that time. Almost thrice that number! That’s epic, man!

Selling 1 million copies just doesn’t feel as good as selling 2.7 million copies, we all know that (or do we…?) but to the people at Capcom: don’t get fooled, only geeks play by the numbers… the rest of us can’t wait to dismember nasty human look-a-likes for a second… third… hell, who knows for how many times more. Good job folks!

What do you want to see on the next Dead Rising… what? Discusstify!

Originally Written By: Sebastian Nordlund


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