Mojave desert, California. A desert filled with massive hangers was just about to be host to 3000 gamers and show them what they all wanted to see. 3000 people wanted to see what was about to revolutionise gaming. 3000 people wanted to experience what was going to change the way we play games. 3000 people wanted to see the Xbox 360. Microsoft aptly named the event:

Zero Hour

On 20th November Gamers from around the world and lucky competition winners from and gathered together outside a huge aeroplane hanger waiting patiently for huge doors to open. To pass the time some gifts were given. Everybody at the event was handed a survival pack. Included in the pack were some high energy snacks, an Xbox 360 hoody, info about the event, and an Xbox 360 Memory Unit. At the event gamers could get their free 12 month live accounts transferred onto the memory units with some exclusive Xbox Live avatars.

After some heavy techno music to get the heart pumping, Peter Moore and J Allard come onto the stage and introduced the Xbox 360. The hanger doors slowly opened revealing a green heaven that we gamers have only dreamt about. Everyone streamed in to get the first glimpse of anything 360.

So what did everybody see? 22 different playable games were there for gamers to play. These were:

– Amped 3
– Call of Duty 2
– Condemned: Criminal Origins
– Dead or Alive 4
– Dead Rising
– FIFA 06
– Final Fantasy XI
– Full Auto
– Gun
– Kameo: Elements of Power
– King Kong
– Madden 06
– NBA 2K6
– NBA Live
– NHL 2K6
– Ninety Nine Nights
– Perfect Dark Zero
– Project Gotham Racing 3
– Quake 4
– Ridge Racer 6
– The Outfit
– Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06

Crowds could be seen gathering around PDZ and Project Gotham Racing pods, while Condemned was barely touched. People were really impressed with Gears of War. Cliff Blezinsky, from Epic Games, demonstrated the game to the crowd with its stunning visuals. When he had introduced the game he let the crowd try it out. All the lucky ones who got to play it came away saying they were “blown away”.

As the techno music continued to pump through the hanger (and the guests!), the Origen tree could be seen with the two infamous caged bunny rabbits next to it. We’re surprised the bunnies didn’t die from the noise. White been bags could be seen everywhere as gamers were carrying them around, and TVs could be seen everywhere running trailers of games such as Mass Effect and Too Human.

Original Xbox titles were there, allowing gamers to use their Live accounts to torture their friends at home. Halo 2 was said to be crisper on the 360 and Xbox Live worked seamlessly.

Day 2 of Zero Hour – the day people would finally get their hands on their own Xbox 360. At 9:00pm people could be seen buying Xbox 360s. Gamers could take games and accessories away with them but there were no consoles to be seen anywhere. These would be given out later in a special ceremony.

Originally Written By: Toby Bodman

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