Xbox Live Marketplace Roundup: May

It’s that time again! May is over and done with and it’s at this point that we round off the bundle of goodies that appeared over the last 31 days on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Maywas an overdose of Marketplace content for 360 owners. This was mainly due to E3 and Microsoft’s ‘Bring it home’ campaign, that left us spoilt for choice with the amount of items available to download on a daily basis. All this content pretty much made up for the empty April we had previously on XLM. We were truly spoiled for Demos on the XLM in May, with 8 Demos to play with, including our predicted Top Spin 2 demo as well as three pre-release title demos.

Yet again it has been another month where we are left screaming for more Arcade content, only UNO managed to make its way onto Arcade, which has been met with open arms among the Xbox community. The hot area for XLM in May was with trailers, as we were flooded with videos from the latest upcoming titles from the E3 show floor.

So if your shoulder button fingers are sore from flicking through all those XLM pages, scroll on down to our extensive list below that features all available downloads on XLM for the UK in May.

Xbox Live Marketplace
May 2006 (UK)

Game Downloads
Free & Microsoft Points

The Outfit – Multiplayer Map: Arnhem Mayhem – 8.05MB – FREE
The Outfit – Collateral Damage Map Pack – 8.05MB – 500MPs
Call of Duty 2 Bonus Map Pack – 124,78MB – FREE
Call of Duty 2 Skirmish Map Pack – 127.03MB – 400MPs
PGR3 – Cadillac V-Series Collection – 8.36MB – FREE
Oblivion – The Thieves Den – 2.27MB – 150MPs


FIFA World Cup Demo – 644.63MB
Top Spin 2 Demo – 487.91MB
Test Drive Unlimited Demo – 483.17MB
Lost Planet Demo – 305.39MB
MotoGP’06 Xbox Live Demo – 882.53MB
Kameo New Demo – 1GB
Hitman: Blood Money Demo – 783.25MB
Perfect Dark Zero Demo – 860.44MB


Microsoft Points

UNO – 24.33MB – 400MPs
UNO 35th Anniversary Theme Deck – 6.33MB – FREE


Game Trailers
BattleStation: Midway – 100MB (Removed)
Brother In Arms Hell’s Highway – 102.78MB
Bullet Witch – 76.66MB
Dance Dance Revolution Universe – 53.91MB
Dead Rising – 65.94MB
John Woo Presents Stranglehold – 70.44MB
NCAA Football 07 – 47.39MB
NCAA College Hoops 2K7 – 39.55MB
Rain – 58.28MB
Sonic the Hedgehog – 64.36MB
Test Drive Unlimited – 104.34MB
The Lord of the Rings, The Battle for Middle-Earth II – 73.59MB
Alan Wake – 66.77MB
Crackdown – 67.47MB
Fable 2 – 75.75MB
Forza 2 – 93.61MB
Gears of War – Television – 193.61MB
Gears of War Trailer – 58.61MB
Lost Planet Trailer – 199.22MB
Culdcept SAGA Trailer – 101.56MB
Rockstar Games Precents Table Tennis – 50.33MB
Hitman: Blood Money Trailer – 88.14MB
Shadowrun – 94.75MB
Too Human – 69.81MB
Viva Pinata – 259.61MB
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Double Agent – 90.72MB
NBA 2K7 Trailer – 50.27MB
Tony Hawk’s Project 8 Trailer – 159.98MB
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance – 102.95MB
Call of Duty 3 Trailer – 115.53MB
Halo 3 Announcement Trailer – 104.42MB
Enchanted Arms – 111.89MB
Games For Windows Montage – 140.36MB
MotoGP ’06 – 69.33MB
Prey – 117.75MB
World Series of Poker: Tournament of Champions – 93.16MB
Xbox 360 Games Montage – 209.17MB
Xbox Live Arcade Montage – 49.94MB
X-Men: The Offical Game – 78.31MB
Dead or Alive® Xtreme Beach Volleyball 2 – 188.14MB
Ninety-Nine Nights – 153.97MB
WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2007 (Removed)
Shadowrun Backstage Pass – 308.34MB
Backstage Pass – Wednesday – 262.28MB
Spiderman 3 – 55.77MB
Showfloor Behind the Scenes – 274.58MB
Xbox Press Briefing – 278.58MB
Splinter Cell Backstage Pass – 226.78MB
Rainbox Six: Vegas Trailer – 78.38MB
Backstage Pass – Thursday – 247.77MB
Crackdown Backstage Pass – 227.58MB
Backstage Pass – Friday – 268.52MB
Kameo: New Demo and Downloads Trailer – 480p – 19.39MB / 720p – 33.78MB

Movie Trailers
A Scanner Darkly Movie Trailer – 480p – 22.17MB / 720p – 119.00MB
Poseidon – 480p – 22.78MB / 720p – 122.95MB

XBox Community
Live Performance by Chris Brown (Just Fine) – 237.06MB
Live Performance by Chris Brown (Gimme That) – 194.72MB
Live Performance by Chris Brown (Poppin’) – 160.63MB
Embrace ‘World At Your Feet’ – 49.22MB
Matisyahu “Youth” – 480p – 43.58MB / 720p – 237.42MB

Microsoft Points

Dead Rising
Dead Rising Theme 3 – 3.05MB – 150MPs

Lost Planet
LOST PLANET Theme – 3.45MB – 150MPs

Digital Entertainment
MI3 Promotional Theme – 3.44MB – FREE
X-Men: The Last Stand Theme 1 – 1.64MB – FREE
X-Men: The Last Stand Theme 2 – 2.09MB – FREE
X-Men: The Last Stand Theme 3 – 1.50MB – FREE
X-Men: The Last Stand Theme 4 – 1.34MB – FREE

Halo 3
Halo 3 Theme – 3.53MB – 150MPs

Xbox 360 Community
Gold Member Theme – 1.98MB – FREE
Silver Member Theme – 1.53MB – FREE
Adidas Football Theme – 2.05MB – FREE
Team Geist Theme – 3.16MB – FREE
Adidas +10 Theme – 3.05MB – FREE
Adidas Football Theme – 2.05MB – FREE

LOTR: Battle for Middle Earth II
LOTR: BFME II: Cinematic Paintings Theme 1 – 3.86MB – 150MPs

FIFA World Cup 2006
African Zone Picture Pack – 100MPs
All Zones Picture Pack – 500MPs
Asian Zone Picture Pack – 80MPs
European Zone Picture Pack – 260MPs
North &Central American and Caribbean Zone Picture Pack – 80MPs
Oceania Zone Picture Pack – 20MPs
South American Zone Picture Pack – 80MPs
Germany (GER) Theme – 150MPs
Ghana (GHA) Theme – 150MPs
Iran (IRN) Theme – 150MPs
Italy (ITA) Theme – 150MPs
Sweden (SWE) Theme – 150MPs
Togo (TOG) Theme – 150MPs
Trinidad and Tobago (TRI) Theme – 150MPs
Tunisia (TUN) Theme – 150MPs
Ukraine (UKR) Theme – 150MPs
USA (USA) Theme – 150MPs
Angola (ANG) Theme – 150MPs
Argentina (ARG) Theme – 150MPs
Australia (AUS) Theme – 150MPs
Brazil (BRA) Theme – 150MPs
Cote d’Ivoire (CIV) Theme – 150MPs
Costa Rica (CRC) Theme – 150MPs
Croatia (CRO) Theme – 150MPs
Czech Republic (CZE) Theme – 150MPs
Ecuador (ECU) Theme – 150MPs
England (ENG) Theme – 150MPs
Japan (JPN) Theme – 150MPs
Korea Republic (KOR) Theme – 150MPs
Saudi Arabia (KSA) Theme – 150MPs
Mexico (MEX) Theme – 150MPs
Netherlands (NED) Theme – 150MPs
Paraguay (PAR) Theme – 150MPs
Poland (POL) Theme – 150MPs
Portugal (POR) Theme – 150MPs
Serbia and Montenegro (SCG) Theme – 150MPs
Switzerland (SUI) Theme – 150MPs
Spain (ESP) Theme – 150MPs
France (FRA) Theme – 150MPs

F.E.A.R. Theme – 2.44MB – 150MPs

NHL 2K6 Theme – 150MPs
Team Themes – 150MPs Each

Team Themes – 150MPs Each

Gamer Pictures & Picture Packs
Microsoft Points

Dead Rising
Dead Rising Gamer Picture Pack 1 – 112.00KB – 50MPs
Dead Rising Gamer Picture Pack 2 – 112.00KB – 50MPs
Dead Rising Gamer Picture Pack 3 – 112.00KB – 50MPs
Dead Rising Gamer Picture Pack 4 – 112.00KB – 50MPs
Dead Rising Gamer Picture Pack 5 – 112.00KB – 50MPs

X-Men 3
X-Men: The Last Stand Picture Pack 1 – 96.00KB – FREE
X-Men: The Last Stand Picture Pack 2 – 96.00KB – FREE
X-Men: The Last Stand Picture Pack 3 – 96.00KB – FREE
X-Men: The Last Stand Picture Pack 4 – 96.00KB – FREE

Xbox 360 Community
Adidas Gamer Picture Pack – 160.00KB – FREE
Gold Picture Pack – 128.00KB – FREE
Silver Picture Pack – 96.00KB – FREE

Halo 3
Halo 3 Picture Pack – 112.00KB – 80MPs

NHL 2k6
NHL 2K6 Picture Pack – 144.00KB – 80MPs

NBA 2k6
NBA 2K6 Picture Pack – 160.00KB – 80MPs

LOTR: Battle for Middle Earth II
LOTR: BFME II: Elves Picture Pack – 208.00KB – 160MPs

F.E.A.R. Picture Pack – 96KB – 60MPs

With June already with us, what is there to look forward to this month on Xbox Live Marketplace? Well, already we have had more picture packs and themes from the likes of Hitman: Blood Money and Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter. We predict we will see the release of new GRAW content this month along with a final release of Street Fighter II on Arcade (please don’t let us down again MS!).

As for demos, we can expect the announced Prey Demo which was stated to be released on the 22nd June. During E3 there was an announcement of a Chrome Hounds demo which failed to show, so we can be sure to expect it this month prior to its release in early July. Other than that there is little to go on, but be sure to keep it locked to 360Monster for any demo announcements and we will be back here again with June’s round-up of Xbox Live Marketplace content.

Anthony Barker

Anthony is the designer, developer and owner of Console Monster. In his spare time, Anthony is a keen gamer who enjoys playing mostly First-Person Shooters and Racing games. When he is not developing games or tweaking this site, Anthony likes to be on the slopes snowboarding or hurtling down off-road tracks on his mountain bike.

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