Xbox Live Marketplace Roundup: March

It’s that time again! March is over and done with and it’s at this point that we round off last months bundle of goodness that appeared over the last 31 days on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

March was a fruitful month for Xbox 360 gamers; we saw the release of The Outfit and Ghost Recon 3 demos as well as surprising demo releases for Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, Blazing Angels and Burnout Revenge.

Two new Arcade titles, Jewel Quest and Feeding Frenzy appeared in March, though we were disappointed by a no show from Street Fighter 2: Hyper Fighting which has now been rumored to be released in June!

Not that it was needed, Ghost Recon 3 had its marketing cap on in March with 8 trailers for the title, from development diary’s and release trailers to fan videos from Plenty of themes and picture packs were also made available for titles released in March, leaving most gamers undecided as to what to part their Microsoft Points with.

So if your shoulder button fingers are sore from flicking through all those XLM pages, scroll on down to our extensive list below that features all available downloads on XLM for Europe for March.

Xbox Live Marketplace
March 2006

The Outfit Demo – 440.89MB
Burnout Revenge Demo – 546.22MB
Blazing Angels Demo – 638.30MB
Battlefield 2: Modern Combat Demo – 382.14MB
Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter Online Demo – 358.94MB

Microsoft Points

Jewel Quest – 37.25MB – 800MPs
Feeding Frenzy – 30.75MB – 800MPs


Game Trailers

Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter
Development Diary 1 – 480p – 23.13MB / 720p – 156.55MB
Development Diary 2 – 480p – 19.95MB / 720p – 130.88MB
G.R.A.W. “WatchTower” Trailer – 480p – 15.19MB / 720p – 80.69MB
GTTV Preview Video – 480p – 56.78MB / 720p – 160.58MB
GRAW Launch Trailer – 480p – 23.33MB / 720p – 129.11MB
GRAW: Cross-Com 1 Trailer – 480p – 18.20MB / 720p – 121.30MB
GRAW: Cross-Com 2 Trailer – 480p – 14.09MB / 720p – 92.51MB
GRAW: Cross-Com 3 Trailer – 480p – 10.22MB / 720p – 54.45MB

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat
Battlefield 2: Modern Combat Trailer – 480p – 9.06MB / 720p – 56.83MB

The Outfit
The Outfit Trailer – 480p – 15.56MB / 720p – 103.22MB

Top Spin 2
Top Spin 2 – Trailer – 480p – 13.39MB / 720p – 71.05MB

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion – Gameplay Trailer – 480p 21.38MB / 720p – 145.75MB

Music Videos
“Unwritten” – Natasha Bedingfield – 480p – 40.64MB / 720p – 222.20MB
“Single” & “Unwritten” – Natasha Bedingfield – 480p – 94.81MB / 720p – 519.52MB

Microsoft Points

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat
BF2MC Engineer Theme -2.38MB – 150MPs
BF2MC Sniper Theme – 2.64MB – 150MPs
BF2MC Special Op Theme – 2.42MB – 150MPs
BF2MC Support Troop Theme – 2.45MB – 150MPs
BF2MC Action Theme – 2.05MB – 150MPs
BF2MC Weapons Theme – 4.98MB – 150MPs

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter Theme – 4.80MB – 150MPs

The Outfit
The Outfit Theme – 3.53MB – 150MPs

Gamer Pictures & Picture Packs
Microsoft Points

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat
BF2MC US Pack – 176.00KB – 120MPs
BF2MC European Pack – 160.00KB – 120MPs
BF2MC China Pack – 160.00KB – 120MPs
BF2MC MEC Pack – 112.00KB – 60MPs
BF2MC Pack 1 – 96.00KB – 50MPs
BF2MC Weapons Pack – 112.00KB – 50MPs

Burnout Revenge
Burnout Revenge Pack 2 – 144.00KB – 160MPs
Burnout Revenge Pack 3 – 144.00KB – 160MPs

The Outfit
The Outfit Pack 1 – 176.00KB – 160MPs
The Outfit Pack 2 – 80.00KB – FREE


Game Updates
King Kong
Madden NFL 06
Xbox 360 Arcade: Smash TV
Xbox 360 Arcade: Hardwood Hearts

Backward Compatibility Updates


So what’s in store for April on Xbox Live Marketplace? Well we don’t have many leads to go on this time round. We will most likely see demos for April released titles such as Top Spin 2 and possibly Tomb Raider: Legend. 360Monster would also like to see some exciting content added to the Arcade this month with the likes of HoopWorld or the Unreal 3 engine powered Robo Blitz, we can only hope. Whatever happens, be sure to check back with us again at the end of this month when we round up what’s been happening inside XLM during April.


Anthony Barker

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