Xbox Live Marketplace Roundup: July

It’s that time again! July is closing up shop and it’s at this point that we round up the bundle of goodness that appeared over the last 31 days on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Looking over the content released in July we have been blessed in all the areas of the Marketplace, yes even the Arcade! This month we saw a few behind the scenes trailers for the games; Mass Effect, LOTR: The Battle for Middle Earth II and even Halo 3. Demos in July we’re a mix of titles already on sale such as DOA4 and the time limited Rockstar Table Tennis to some that were close to release like LOTR: BFMEII, N3 and NCAA for the American and Canadian folk.

It’s good not to repeat my self again this month when I talk about the Xbox Live Arcade. Our prayers were answered with the announcement of ‘Arcade Wednesdays’ this month, where we hope to see a release of an Arcade title every Wednesday. It will be interesting to see how long they will keep this up for, but even if some weeks slip, it will be better than the past months of suffering in an Arcade drought.

Below you will find our extensive list that features all available downloads on XBLM for the UK (and other countries this time) for July.

Xbox Live Marketplace
July 2006 (UK)

Game Downloads
Free & Microsoft Points

PGR3 Style Pack – 400MPs or 60MPs each (All)
PGR3 RUF R.K. Spyder – FREE (All)
Oblivion: The Vile Lair – 150MPs (All)
Uno Auto Update – FREE (All)
Chromehounds Weapons Pack – FREE (All)
The Outfit: ‘Collateral Damage Pack’ – FREE (All)


NCAA Football 07 (USA & Canada)
Lord of the Rings: BFME II (All)
Dead or Alive 4 (All)
Rockstar Table Tennis (Europe, USA & Canada)
Ninety-Nine Nights (All)

Free & Microsoft Points

Frogger – 400MPs (All) Reviewed
Cloning Clyde – 800MPs (All) Reviewed
Galaga – 400MPs (All) Reviewed

Free & Microsoft Points

Game Trailers
Mass Effect: Demo Walkthrough (Europe, USA & Canada)
Dead Rising Webisode 1 (USA & Canada)
Dead Rising Webisode 2 (USA & Canada)
Lord of the Rings: BFME II Inside (All)
Bullet Witch (Japan)
GTTV-NCAA Football 07 Inside (Europe, USA & Canada)
Halo 3 In the Beginning (All)
G.R.A.W. “Chapter 2” (All)
Medal of Honor Airborne (All)
Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 (All)

Other Trailers
UFC 61: Bitter Rivals Trailer (USA & Canada)
Cartel ‘Luckie St.’ (All Except Asia & Mexico)
The Simpsons Movie (Europe Except France)
Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest Trailer (Europe)
Gamespot Gold Experience (All)
Eurogamer – Live Anywhere overview (UK)
Ultimate Avengers 2 Trailer (USA & Canada)
Apocalypto Trailer (USA & Canada)
Brazil Video Part 1 — 80MPs (Belgium & The Netherlands)
Brazil Video Part 2 — 80MPs (Belgium & The Netherlands)
Kenya Video Part 1 — 80MPs (Belgium & The Netherlands)
Kenya Video Part 2 — 80MPs (Belgium & The Netherlands)
Costa Rica Video Part 1 — 80MPs (Belgium & The Netherlands)
Costa Rica Video Part 2 — 80MPs (Belgium & The Netherlands)

Free & Microsoft Points

Dead Rising Theme – 150MPs (All)
Prey Theme – 150MPs (All Except Japan)
Lord of the Rings: BFME II Theme – 150MPs (All)
NCAA ‘07 Themes – 150MPs Each (USA)

Gamer Pictures & Picture Packs
Free & Microsoft Points

Lord of the Rings: BFME II Picture Pack – 80MPs (All)
Full Auto Picture Pack – 100MPs (All)
Wild Boys Picture Packs – 80MPs (Belgium & The Netherlands)
NCAA ‘07 Picture Packs – 60MPs Each (USA)

XBLM: August look ahead…

With Q4 releases looming, things will start to pick up over the coming months. In August we will see demos of Saints Row and possibly Dead Rising if we are all good boys and girls. XBLArcade will still be shining (we hope) with the release of Street Fighter 2 on the 2nd August and Pac-Man the following week after. If we look at the leaked info sheet there is a possibility we might see Lumines Live and Roboblitz in the month of August. Be sure to keep it locked to 360Monster for any demo and Arcade announcements and we will be back here again with Augusts’ round-up of Xbox Live Marketplace content.


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