Xbox Live Marketplace Roundup: August

It’s that time again! August has ended and it’s at this point that we round up the bundle of goodness that appeared during that month on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

August hasn’t been to bad to Xbox 360 gamers, we’ve had a number of playable demos from the likes of Saints Row and Dead Rising, both of which have now been released or will be over the coming weeks here in the UK. Test Drive Unlimited fans had another much longer demo to play this month giving them more vehicles to choose from as well as tweaked controls and online play.

In August we saw a lot more non game related videos than usual on the Xbox Live Marketplace. We saw the first XBLM full TV episode for Battlestar Galactica that was released sadly for only a few selected regions to enjoy.

Street Fighter II finally hit the Arcade in August to settle squabbling die hard fans, who most of which were a little disappointed and felt a bit handicapped thanks to the Xbox 360’s RSI inducing d-pad. Elsewhere in the Arcade, fans had Pac-Man and Time Pilot this month with a chance to grab Texas Hold ’em for free in its first 48hrs of being on Live. Something we would all love to see more of for future Arcade titles.

Below you will find our extensive list that features all available downloads on XBLM for all regions for August.

Xbox Live Marketplace
August 2006 (All Regions)

Game Content
Free & Microsoft Points

LOTR ‘Aragorn’s Journey’ – 700MPs
Dead Rising: Keys — FREE
Chromehounds: Arms — 100MPs Each
Oblivion ‘Spell Tomes’ — 80MPs


Saints Row Demo
Dead Rising Demo
Test Drive Unlimited Demo #2
Just Cause Demo
Madden NFL 07 Demo
Far Cry Instincts Predator Demo

Free & Microsoft Points

Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting – 800MPs
Pac-man — 400MPs
Texas Hold’em — 800MPs
Time Pilot — 400MPs

Free & Microsoft Points

Game Videos
Saints Row
Madden NFL 07
Madden PPV
Bomberman Act: Zero
Chromehounds Trailer #2
Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy
Music and Madden NFL 07 Video #1
Madden Spot #1
Madden Spot #2
Madden Spot #3
Just Cause #1
Just Cause #2
Brothers in Arms

Other Videos
Red vs. Blue Ep2
Red vs. Blue Ep3
Red vs. Blue Ep4
Artist of the Month: Audioslave ‘Revelations’
Artist of the Month: Audioslave ‘Original Fire’
On the Spot Special Edition EA Studio Showcase 06
GamePro Redaktion
The Box Moccah 1-4 — 80MPs
Step Up Trailer
Southpark Trailer
Xbox Lost & Sound at Lovebox Weekender 2006
Crank Trailer
The Departed
The Fountain
Battlestar Galactica: The Story So Far
Cuban Brothers Game with Fame
Viva Pinata TV ‘Chewnicorn in the Garden’
Viva Pinata TV ‘Viva Pinata Horstachio of a Different Color’
MTV Boiling 2-4 Parts 1 and 2

Free & Microsoft Points

Street Fighter II Theme – 150MPs
GRAW Themes 8, 9 and 10 – 150MPs
Pittsburgh Steelers Theme – 150MPs
Bomberman Act: Zero Theme — 150 MPs
Denver Broncos Theme — 150MPs
Dallas Cowboys Theme — 150MPs
Bing Bing Diggit Aliens Theme— 150MPs
GRAW Missions 1-3 Themes — 150MPs

Gamer Pictures & Picture Packs
Free & Microsoft Points

Canadian Flag Picture — Free
Street Fighter II Picture Packs – 100MPs Each
Pittsburgh Steelers Picture Pack – 60MPs
Bomberman Act: Zero Gamer picture pack 1 — 260MPs
Bomberman Act: Zero Gamer picture pack 2 — 130MPs
Bomberman Act: Zero Gamer picture pack 3 — 260MPs
Cloning Clyde Picture Packs – 100MPs Each
Denver Broncos Picture Pack — 80MPs
Dallas Cowboys Picture Pack — 60MPs
NCAA Football 07 Picture Pack — 200MPs Each
Oblivion Picture Packs — 100MPs Each

XBLM: September look ahead…
Autumn is closing ever nearer and already some long awaited titles are slowly hitting high street stores. There are no demo leads to go by this month, as many publishers don’t want to paint themselves into a corner by stating a release date which they cannot meet.

So what kind of demos could we feasibly see this month? A playable demo of Lego Star Wars II would be good for its release this month. As for the Xbox Live Arcade, we have Lumines Live coming soon and Scramble this week. After this, we are due some new release news from Microsoft on the next wave of upcoming Arcade titles. Be sure to keep it locked to 360Monster for any demo and Arcade announcements and we will be back here again with a round-up of Xbox Live Marketplace content for September.


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