Xbox Live Arcade Reviews Roundup

We’ve done a few Xbox LIVE Arcade reviews recently and here’s our roundup. If you haven’t already checked them out, then go, check them out now and let us know what you think.

Reece takes a trip to space to review Aces of the Galaxy

“Aces of the Galaxy comes as rather a surprise, as Xbox Live has a ridiculously long list of average space shooters with new developers every other week wanting a bite of the action. Most are poor, quickly completed and hold little gameplay value. Aces of Galaxy on the other hand has immense quality throughout, with bold and unique graphics, well presented menus, fantastic audio representation and some top notch gameplay to boot.

Featuring a continual rail movement camera scheme, you must navigate around the screen whilst the game pulls you along. As you get dragged along you will need to blast at continual enemy assaults whilst avoiding a string of debris. The controls seem simple enough, with A to fire your Chaingun, B to fire Torpedoes and X to fire Cluster Missiles (which can target multiple enemies if held). Controlling your ship is done by both analogue sticks, whilst giving you a convenient panic barrel roll with both triggers. Other than the primary controls you can search for invisible enemies with Y, and slow down time temporarily with the RB button.”

Read the full Aces of Galaxy review here

David gets hooked into yet another arcade puzzle game in his Roogoo review

“My first impressions of Roogoo from screenshots and trailers weren’t good. Despite being a puzzle game fan, nothing in Roogoo seemed to appeal to me but when I downloaded the trial from the XBOX Live Arcade, I was hooked. The objective in the game is simple. Get the shapes from the top to the bottom through a series of discs which players rotate using the left and right bumpers. Obviously, as player’s progress new obstacles and challenges will occur such as Meemoos (ugly purple aliens) standing in the way of your block’s paths, which can be defeated by holding A to speed up your block and knocking the Meemoo off the platform. Thankfully, they are the only controls you’ll need throughout the single player (but there are additional buttons for the multiplayer).”

Read the full Roogoo review here

Art puts on his thinking cap and reviews Buku Sudoku

“Buku Sudoku is a puzzling title in many ways. While not functionally broken in any way, it is fundamentally broken by its price. (800 Microsoft Points)

If you did not already guess it by now, Buku Sudoku is based off the popular logic game Sudoku. In the game, you have to fill in rows, columns and boxes of the numbers 1-9. Each row will have the numbers 1-9 in them (no repeats), as do the boxes and the columns. It’s a very simple game that you can get lost in for 15-30 minutes at a time.”

Read the full Buku Sudoku review here

Marty takes a gambling risk and reviews Wits and Wagers

“If asked to bet a fiver on how high a dog can reasonably leap when kicked up the arse by a skinhead who’d drank fifteen pints on an empty stomach whilst reading Mein Kampf in order to get odds of 2:1 in return isn’t your thing, then Wits and Wagers might not be entirely your bag. Betting on some ridiculous historical or topical situation is just what this XBLA game is about.

The idea behind the game is two fold. Firstly, everyone has to answer a numerical and, most often anyway, obscure question without going over the real answer. Secondly, every player has to bet on the answer that seems closest to the truth. The sneaky trick here is that the odds, and so the return, is based on the deviation of those answers, and nothing to do with the real solution. It is a matter of the player judging which would be the best answer to bet on. Coin is then awarded to the person with the closest answer and to those who bet on the correct answer.”

Read the full Wits and Wagers review here

So there you have it. The latest round-up in Xbox LIVE Arcade reviews. Let us know what you thought on both the reviews and the games by leaving a comment below!


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