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Our last App release for the weekend. This one mirrors the PlayStation Move Guide Application, but this is for Microsoft’s upcoming arm flapper peripheral – Xbox Kinect. The Xbox Kinect Guide is a handy tool if you are planing on picking up a Kinect device this coming November. The core of the Guide is its games list, where we list all Kinect enabled games, the amount of players and the type of controllers required – whether it be a mix of Kinect and Controller or just Kinect. Tapping on a game gives you a list of review sites, including ours, that have reviewed that particular game, and tapping on a reviewer will take you straight to their review article.

Now, seeing as Kinect is not even out yet, reviews will be pretty thin in the Games area, but as soon as sites such as us start to add reviews into the App there will be a concise list of reviews for each launch game title and more post release.

This is a our second collaborative project of ours, and is one that we hope to bring game and lifestyle websites, big or small, together in order to bring you the definitive guide to Xbox Kinect games, whether they be retail titles or on Xbox Live Arcade. Owners of the application can submit tips, new games we may have missed, and if you are a website, reviewer or blogger you can use this App as a mobile portal for your very own website reviews! Think of it as the mobile Metacritic of Kinect games.

If you would still like to take part and do not have an iPhone/iPod or Android device to add your reviews or tips, then don’t panic, we will be releasing a hub area over the coming week, where you can submit to the application via the hub so that you are not missing out.

TheXbox Kinect Guideis available toBUY NOWfor a limited time launch price of 59p ($0.99) from theApple App Storefor iPhone and iPod Touch users,and it will be available on the Google Marketplace over the next few days for Google Android users.

The Xbox Kinect Unofficial Guide lists everything you need to know about Xbox Kinect, its platform, technology, its games and more. View all the games compatible for the Xbox Kinect platform, along with the amount of players that can play via the list of Kinect games, filtered to Retail, Xbox Live Arcade and Upcoming lists.

The Xbox Kinect Guide contains:

  • Information onXbox Kinect and itstechnology
  • List of Kinect compatible Games
  • Average scores taken from submitted game and lifestyle review websites
  • User submitted Hints & Tips for Kinect
  • Submit a game, tip or review article via the app’s built in submission area
  • Kinect game Videos (Coming soon via v1.1 update)
  • Official XboxTwitter feed
  • A great resource for websites owners and bloggers to promote their articles on a mobile device

View reviews from submitted websites for each game on your device, or just check out that game’s average score from all the websites combined next to each game*.

Want to make the most use out of Kinect? Then head into our Tips section to read not only our tips but tips sent in from other users of this Application.

If you have found an unannounced Kinect game; or you would like to share a newly discovered Kinect tip; or perhaps you are a gaming website that has written a review on a Kinect game; then fill in our simple form in our Submit area and send us your details and we will get it checked and displayed in the Application for all of its users to see.

On top of all these features – follow the Xbox Kinect Twitter feed via our Twitter section and our ticker which scrolls throughout this application, and be on the pulse of the latest Xbox Kinect news!

If you are a Kinect player or looking to become one, this is THE App for you, read the latest Kinect reviews, tips and more – or log on and send us your games, tips and feedback.

*When reviews and scores are available. Due to this application being released prior to Kinect being released around the world, reviews and score content will be limited, however as soon as reviews start to appear we will populate the guide, or you can send in your review URLs in the app.

This application uses a Wi-Fi or Data network for certain areas of its content. Please make sure you have a stable Internet connection before launching this application. Please feel free to use our inbuilt feedback form to send us your tips, games, review links, as well as comments, feedback and suggestions that you would like to see in future updates of this application

We have more game guides releasing over the coming weeks and months, so please show us your support in purchasing these guides, recommending them to your friends and family as well as rating and reviewing them on the Apple App Store and Google Marketplace. Doing so will ensure that we are able to keep each of our Apps consistently updated as well as releasing new guides for that latest and upcoming game titles.

Anthony Barker

Anthony is the designer, developer and owner of Console Monster. In his spare time, Anthony is a keen gamer who enjoys playing mostly First-Person Shooters and Racing games. When he is not developing games or tweaking this site, Anthony likes to be on the slopes snowboarding or hurtling down off-road tracks on his mountain bike.

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