With so much frustration at the lack of Xbox 360’s on launch day, Xbox fans all over the world are now worried to bits about securing an Xbox 360 console on the release day.

Microsoft are most likely planning the market to go into free fall once the consoles hit the shop shelves (or the lucky gamers who will wake up with it on their doorstep), thus leaving them a huge gap for shipping over more consoles that will leave a huge gap in many peoples homes for where their Xbox 360 should be.

At this current time, in UK, Gamestation, Game, Amazon and pretty much every gaming related shop, the Xbox is more rare than a picture of Peter Kay eating a banana. With all these shops apologizing and warning us about the lack of Microsoft consoles, not many have worked out the fact that only the Premium packages are in short supplies.

From Game to Dixons, from Walmart to EB Games, all of these shops will have many core packages left on the shop shelves come launch day. Even more bizarrely, hardly anyone has actually pre-ordered these machines.

So if you are a serious gamer, who has finally succumbed to the dreadful fact that you may not actually be able to play the new Xbox 360 on the Launch Day, then rejoice, go and preorder a core package now.

True, you will not be able to enjoy wireless gaming as soon as you take it out of the box (unless you order a wireless controller along with the core bundle), but eventually, you’ll buy a wireless controller, and you can give the controller to the kid next door who likes playing Halo, yet still thinks its a driving game, or give it to your best mate, and watch him blame his woeful skills on the wire. Plus theres that little matter about the Hard Drive…or is there?

With the cash you save on the Core bundle, you could buy a Hard Drive (which oddly enough, is also not in short supply).

Before everyone else gets wind of this idea, make sure you preorder it now from Amazon (the best place in UK with the most stock of the Xbox 360) by clicking on the link below and clicking on the Amazon link at the bottom of the following page:


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