E3 2008: What to Look For From Nintendo

E3 always held a special place in the hearts of video game enthusiasts. Game announcements, hardware unveils and much more are always in the back of your mind when watching each of the three press conferences, wondering what the companies have up their sleeves.

We have looked at both Microsoft and Sony. Nintendo, you’re up!

3. WiiWare

WiiWare has been, for the most part, a successful venture for Nintendo. There are already some great titles available for download, (LostWinds instantly comes to mind) but it seems like Nintendo hasn’t supported the service tremendously with their own slate of downloadable titles. Dr. Mario is great, but that game, Magnetica and Pokemon Ranch aren’t exactly inspiring confidence that Nintendo is serious in supporting WiiWare with developed titles from their internal teams.

A new, 16-bit re-creation of a beloved franchise on the WiiWare service would provide not only a ton of fun to the “geeks and otakus,” but would also show other developers that Nintendo is serious about WiiWare as a platform for their games.

2. Storage Solution

Maybe even more important to Nintendo’s online strategy is announcing a storage solution for their console. Personally, I have about half of my “blocks” left, but during the life-span of the console, I’m going to have to delete items off to fit new games in, and that shouldn’t happen.

Hopefully Nintendo doesn’t let that happen and offer more storage space by offering its users some sort of external hard-drive or storage device that is fully-functional with the Wii. No swapping out SD cards, just give us something that gives us more space, so we can buy more of your games, Nintendo!

1. “Core” Games

Reggie has hinted that Nintendo has something planned for E3 that the “gamer is gonna [sic] be excited [for],” and will appeal to the “expanded audience,” as well. We know about as much as anyone else would on what this could be, but it has got to be something that appeals to the so-called “core” gamer demographic. There has been plenty of great games to come out for the Wii that appeal to the hardcore, but in a lot of cases, it seems like Nintendo might have lost some of them to Sony and Microsoft because of the focus the company has taken.

Could they re-ignite the hardcore faction by announcing a new Zelda designed specifically for the Wii?

Your guess is as good as mine, but a “core” game needs to be announced to satiate the group of gamers that buttered Nintendo’s bread for so long.

Everyone has their specific game sequels they want unveiled, services they want supplied, accessories they are dying for…so how about it? What do you want to see from Microsoft? Let us know in the comments!

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