Was The GTAIV Fake Nothing More Than a Magazine Publicity Stunt

Was The GTAIV Fake Nothing More Than a Magazine Publicity Stunt

Many have seen the recent fake GTAIV screenshots which have been floating around the internet. Well it seems that the creator was a magazine publisher who go by the name of Imagine Publishing. Imagine Publishing publish the ‘360‘ magazine and also a few others, it seems that this fake could be nothing more than an exlcusive news story to add to their rather unoriginal magazine.

Below is the GTAIV screenshot:

As you can see its not a bad fake, even so Rockstar didn’t take long to write it off and it has been confirmed as nothing more the a photoshopped image.
So why do we think that such a big company could be behind one of the most decietful acts seen in the gaming world. Well Xbox360.qj.net seemed to spot that the original e-mail sent from the ‘disgruntled employee’ was in fact sent from mail.imagine-publishing.co.uk. Which means that someone inside Imagine Publishing must have sent the original fake.

If this story is true then it has to be the lowest any magazine has ever sunk, granted it may not be fairing to well against other 360 magazines, but there is no need to create a false news story to increase their reader base. It also means that they must’ve thought the Joe Gamer was thick enough to believe the screenshot was real.

Not the best way to sell magazines. Even so this news is far form confirmed and I doubt iP will ever comment on it so take this news with a grain of salt.

Originally Written By: Lee Matthews