Sony have announced details of the new Warhawk patch which will be released tomorrow at 10.00am GMT sharp. The patch will add an additional two game mode includiong Hero and Collector.

In Hero, one member of each team is randomly selected to be their team’s Epic Hero. Victory is achieved by killing enemies when you are the Hero – and by killing the enemy’s Hero. Taking down a Hero is no easy job, however – the Hero gets super-high damage resistance and his weapons are twice as powerful – they’re even able to take down tanks. The mode calls for radically new tactics which revolve around protecting your team’s Hero – but be aware that Hero status moves from player to player at set intervals throughout the game.

Imagine Capture the Flag with loads of different flags – that’s Collector mode. The ‘flags’ take the form of energy cores scattered throughout the map; each team must battle to win the energy cores and take them back to their reactor to score points. Players can carry more than one core at a time – and can also pass the cores from player to player, making Collection mode a real test of teamwork and strategy.

Other features include:

Quick-Join: makes it easier for players to find the right game by scanning the servers and finding a game that fits your playing preferences as determined by your filters.

Mini-Map Update: When you’re capturing flags, you need to know where to take them straight away. This feature draws a line of the fastest route onto the map for you.

Rank and Award Updates: these adjustments to the rank system make it easier to earn your medals and awards and to rise through the Warhawk ranks.

With downloadable extra packs including Operation Broken Mirror already available and with more on the way, Warhawk is the military title that keeps on delivering more and more improvements for its worldwide community of players. If you’re not already enlisted, now is the time – Warhawk is available as a download from PSN or on Blu-ray Disc.

More features included in the 1.4 patch

• New Min-Rank server option.
• Added Player Team preference for Warhawk games launched from Home-GL.
• Team Death Match scoring fixed to not award kills for base captures.
• New server option enables idle-player kicks.
Respawn rate of TOW missile lowered for games with larger player counts
• Added server filter that displays *only* games that are joinable give a player’s current rank.
• Added check-box for rank/award advancement.
• New respawn selection hint on the mini-map.
• Warhawk flight-to-hover transition now allowed if afterburning.
• New playlists added to Warhawk Home-GL to support new game modes.
• Added new Winning Team ribbon and 50 point bonus for being on the winning team.
• Added logic for detecting and kick players using the respawn screen idle exploit.

We’ll bring you all the latest from the Sony press conference, tonight from 7.30pm GMT!

Rob Rymond

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