Last month ConsoleMonster was invited as part of the Microsoft Xbox Community Network (XCN) to submit a selection of questions, which would be answered in a Q&A session with Duane Colbert, Global Product Manager Xbox. We put this to our community via our forum and in return we received some pressing questions from our members. The most interesting and inventive questions were selected and submitted towards the Q&A interview.

What follows an in-depth Q&A exclusive to XCN members, with Duane recently this month.

How does Vampire Rain let you master your environment?
Vampire Rain is a stealth horror shooter where you must lead a special forces unit to secretly eliminate Nightwalkers, a new highly evolved form of Vampires, in a city where rain, darkness and stealth are their allies. These Nightwalkers are set to become one of the deadliest supernatural enemies ever encountered in a console game. To stay alive you’ll need to master your environment by to navigating the rainy city, by knowing when to engage and when to avoid your lethal enemies, and by using your surroundings to help you carry out stealth kills.

Where is Vampire Rain set, and what is the story of the game?

Vampire Rain captures a night of events, a fragment of a long battle history between mankind and vampires who are called Nightwalkers. The story takes place in a West Coast city in the United States. The city looks like an ordinary one which you may find anywhere on the West Coast, but when the night falls, the city is occupied by Nightwalkers.

Several humans disperse into the night, every night. The fortunate ones are found dead. Those who are less fortunate return to knock on the door of their family’s home, under the cloak of darkness. Mankind is determined not to stay victims to those creatures, and one US government bureau establishes a special combat unit for Nightwalker elimination with the slogan of “a fang for a fang,” which unfolds a silent but deadly battle against Nightwalkers in the darkness of night.

In the single player mode, you will play as a protagonist John Lloyd, a member of a special unit and witness a series of the events that happens in one night. You won’t be controlling other characters in the single player mode. In Xbox Live multiplayer mode, on the other hand, you can play as John Lloyd’s other 3 teammates and also as a Nightwalker.

What kind of high-tech gadgets can you use in the game?

The weapons will include a handgun, specialized UV Knife, an assault rifle, a submachine gun, a shotgun, a sniper rifle and an anti-material rifle, but not all of those weapons can destroy Nightwalkers. If you don’t have a powerful weapon, it is important to find the routes to avoid encounters with Nightwalkers.
In what kinds of ways can you hunt and kill vampires in Vampire Rain?
Primary means are sniper rifle (long range), shotgun (short range) and UV Knife (sneak attack).

Why does rain give you an advantage over the vampires?

What’s depicted in this game is a rainy night of events. It rains in the city where it rarely rains, and humans take it as an opportunity and decide to carry out the Nightwalker elimination.
You can find rain in all over the game: in sound effects and graphics, and rain is the motif of this game. Similar to the way rain confuses a bat’s radar, rain also weakens the senses of the Nightwalkers in Vampire Rain (their view angles get narrowed in inverse relation to the amount of rainfall).

We’ve heard you wanted to portray vampires in a different way in Vampire Rain. Could you explain this?

You find two aspects in the vampires of Vampire Rain: Some possess advanced intellectual power, look for harmony between mankind and vampires, and wonder why they have come into existence in this world, and some are just like monsters who want to ruthlessly rip open your body to suck your blood as soon as they recognize you as a human. And, there’s a parent-child relational hierarchy among them; the more pure-blooded his or her breed is, the more advanced his/ her intellectual power is and the more numbers of follower Nightwalkers he or she has.

The story of this title depicts the bewilderment of humans who are stunned by the overwhelming physical abilities of Nightwalkers as well as the distress that Nightwalker bosses suffer with; therefore, during the course of the game, players will sympathize with not only human characters but also Nightwalkers – although they’ll all still be your enemies.

How much freedom will the player have to move around the city in Vampire Rain?

The story leads the player to carry out essential missions; however, the player encounters various types of events in his path, so I believe the missions are complicated. You can pretty much roam anywhere within mission boundaries and can take advantage of shortcuts and detours placed throughout. It’s up to the player whether he goes through the shortcuts by using the weapons to eliminate Nightwalkers or chooses detours to avoid encountering Nightwalkers.

Can you tell us how Vampire Rain’s Xbox Live modes will work?

You will be able to sign into Xbox Live and play multiplayer sessions with up to 8 people including yourself. The main feature of this game’s multiplayer mode is that you can transform into a Nightwalker, the super-powerful enemy character you were struggling against in the single player mode. Although Nightwalkers have definite physical advantages, the following 4 types of games will make the online battles very enjoyable. Each of the 4 games can be played as an individual player or can be played as teams.

Deathmatch/ Team Deathmatch

  • It is a typical head-to-head combat. If you have your NW gauge filled up, you can transform into a Nightwalker for certain duration.
  • If you can defeat many humans while you are a Nightwalker, your chance of winning will increase.

Death or Nightwalker

  • Player can transform into a Nightwalker any time, but once you turn into one, you cannot transform back into a human until you die.
  • Human characters are weaker but can score higher points. On the other hand, Nightwalker characters are stronger but are awarded lower points.
  • By observing carefully how many have turned into Nightwalkers, you can choose your best strategy; to fight as a human or to fight as a Nightwalker.
  • Destroy
  • You must head for the target object. The longer you stand in the object’s proximity, the more points you score. Every other player character is going to be your enemy, so you need to eliminate the ones who come close to the object.
  • Estimating the situation and making a decision whether you stay as a human character or Nightwalker is the key to win this match.

Team Destroy

  • Two teams: Nightwalker and Human, compete for the shortest time in destroying all the target objects. Each team plays one round of offense (as Nightwalkers) and another round of defense (as humans).
  • Teamwork among players is the key to victory, especially when you are a part of Nightwalker team.

Capture the Flame/ Team Capture the Flame

  • Points are awarded to the player holding the flame. As soon as you capture the flame, you need to jump and run away from every other player character.
  • However, when you play as a Nightwalker and step on a UV Mine, your Nightwalker character gets temporarily paralyzed.
  • To secure the route to run away is the key to victory.

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