Uncharted 2 + Twitter = The Future

Just saw this article over on thebbps and was honestly very amused how the social internet phenomenon, known as Twitter, has finally gotten its claws into the biggest PS3 release this year. It all seems a little ironic as they are soon to release Twitter onto the Xbox 360 at the start of winter this year.

After popping in your login details and testing the account you can then go and fiddle with the options. The above image shows the options on what you want Twitter to update on. I don’t know about you but I already find it really annoying when friends on Twitter have automated services on their account to let me know what Achievements they have gotten or what game they are playing. I wouldn’t mind so much if I got told if they were playing a multiplayer match, so I can jump on and join in, I just don’t want to know when they are getting all the achievements in Avatar, feels like spam!

So I honestly don’t know if I want to be logging onto Twitter and seeing when people reach a checkpoint or complete a chapter. Saying that you can see who completed the game first out of your friends list to earn bragging rights. I can just ignore/unfollow these tweets but I am interested to see how many people will take full advantage of the system.

This feature might be the coolest or weirdest add on to any game we have seen so far. Right now I am unsure, I want this feature to be cool, as I am such a huge fan of the micro blogging service, I can just see it becoming annoying spam when the game releases in October.

I believe we’ll be seeing this a lot more in upcoming titles. After Xbox Live’s Achievement system really taking social progression in gaming to new heights, Twitter is there for the next step. I expect soon we will be able to click a link that will message your Xbox/PS3 with a game invite to your friends multiplayer matches, now that would be awesome!

Use Twitter? Let us know in the comments what you think about the service as well as your thoughts on this intriguing PS3 integration.

If you have not noticed yet, I’ve been sneaking the staffs Twitter names in every time I mention Twitter, make sure to follow us.

[Images: thebbps]

Lauren Wainwright

Lauren is a 21 year old obsessive gamer born in the south of England. She started off on an Amiga Commodore 500 Plus and has never looked back since. Lauren loves FPS, RPG's (Western and Japanese) and Adventure games with her favourite title being Tomb Raider. Interesting facts include Living in Japan, being on Inside Xbox more than once, being UK Xbox Gamer of the Month and being a bit of an Anime fan.

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