Saints Row: The Third will be the series’ first departure from Stillwater, instead seeing the Saints relocating to Chicago-alike Steelport.

Busted out of prison by the Syndicate, a powerful uber-gang, the Saints soon find themselves up against – well, pretty much everyone who isn’t wearing purple. In true Saints Row fashion, everything is dialled up to a hundred and eleven. Comparisons with GTA are now so redundant they’re actually insulting, as SR has more than established itself as a powerful franchise in its own right.

Mankini’s, mink coats, sequined thongs and oversized afros all make a return as well as even more outlandish curios, and the inclusion of the “Awesome Button” is enough to make any Saints Row fan salivate. An example cited by Volition is that carjacking someone whilst holding down the Awesome Button will see you missile kick the victim clean through the car door. Awesome is the only word for it.

Change of location notwithstanding, a return to the world of the Saints can’t come quick enough.

Mick Fraser

The first game Mick ever played was Dexter’s Laboratory on the ZX81. After waiting 45 minutes for it to load he was hooked in moments and has been gaming ever since. He’s gone through almost every console ever released and even had a brief stint in the early noughties as a PC gamer, until he had to give it up to break his World of Warcraft addiction. Now he splits his life between loving his family, playing and writing about games and trying to sell indie novels.

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