Who wants xbox 360?

Well, I think that anyone who wants to play a next generation console should seriously consider buying an Xbox 360. This is the next step up, in the gaming world. Every few years a technology is surpassed by another, more superior technology. In this case it is the Xbox, that has been surpassed by, the due to arrive Xbox 360. Well starting November 22nd, we are all going to experience a new gaming machine that takes gaming to a whole new level. This is a very exciting time to be a gamer. I mean think back to the days of Pong, and what gaming was like then. Now, think about all the games that are out there now, and you will see exactly what I mean. Compare a game like Half-Life 2, to theafforementioned Pong. Now, to answer the question, who wants the xbox 360? For starters, I do. I want one because, it lets me escape from the realities, and pressures of life. Gaming will let me forget about the last mid-term I failed, or it will help me relax after a hard day of work. People, nowadays talk about how much superior Xbox 360 will be to the PS3. However, others say that PS3, will blow the Xbox 360 right out of the water. Either scenerio could prove to be true. Now, economically if the PS3 does do better than the Xbox 360, does that mean that people who bought the Xbox 360 lose something? I think not, because each side will have it’s exclusives to offer to the public. Sometimes, when I hear about an exclusive game coming out for the PS2, I think hopefully a game like it will come out for the Xbox. I am sure the thought is exactly the same on the other side. This just goes to show you, that people are not buying an Xbox 360, to keep Bill Gates the richest person in North America, or because people are addicted to brands such as Micrsoft. People are going to be buying the Xbox 360, because it has a feature, or features, or games that have sparked their interest. These people are going to buy the Xbox 360 because they want too, not because someone is telling them to buy it. In the end, everyone is going to buy what they want to buy, and this is why I say, “to each his own”.

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