Time to get Moving

Time to get Moving

The release of the PlayStation Move will be with us at the end of this week, over a month before Microsoft’s rebuttal with Kinect.

For those gamers without interest in what the launch games have to offer, perhaps you’ll be happy to learn that there’s a free patch coming to Heavy Rain on the 22nd September to enable Move support. Sony’s EU blog also reveals that the retail Move version of the game will contain a few extras, including: a playable scene from the taxidermist DLC, three XMB themes, the soundtrack and some making of videos. This comes in at a budget friendly £29.99, so there are no excuses for not picking this title up now, given it also works with just the DualShock3.

If you’re not in the habit of purchasing retail games, with downloadables from the PlayStation Store being more your thing, VooFoo Studios are releasing a patch today (14th Sept) for their rather splendid pool game, Hustle Kings. Along with Move support, the patch includes: Stereoscopic 3D support, a UK 6ft table (with smaller, accurate balls), Carom billiards, a hardcore trick-shot pack and some other cosmetic bits and pieces.

For those on an even tighter budget and a Move controller in their hand, several demos will be available from the store to coincide with the launch. These will be the same offerings as provided on the Starter Pack disc, so expect to see the likes of Sports Champions, Start the Party, The Shoot, EyePet: Move Edition, TV Superstars, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 11, Echochrome II, Tumble and Beat Sketchers demos on PSN very soon.

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