The Resident Evil 7 ‘Teaser Demo’ Is Making People Crazy

Published On June 14, 2016 | By Justin Ortiz-Burrow | News

Yesterday during PlayStation’s E3 conference, they unveiled the first official trailer for the upcoming Resident Evil 7. It featured what appears to be a man wandering alone in a gritty abandoned house, looking more like Outlast than Resident Evil, and very similar to the legendary P.T demo. This ‘demo teaser‘ was made available to PS4 owners early this morning and much like P.T, there is loads of secrets, mystery, and theories.

Various endings, hidden items, special events triggered only by following certain steps, and even what appears to be ghosts, the demo seems to be following the route that Kojima took while promoting the now canceled Silent Hills. Fans over on the Resident Evil Subreddit are ripping the demo apart pixel by pixel in hopes of unlocking more secrets.

While it’s unclear if the final version of RE7 will play like the demo, it is rather interesting to say the least. Bringing gamers together to solve puzzles was one of the amazing things about P.T, and even though this feels almost like a direct copy of that masterpiece, it’s still rather awesome to see fans uncovering the mystery again.

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