The Rangers FC to be in FIFA 13?

In case for some reason you didn’t know, Glasgow Rangers Football Club are no more and in their place is The Rangers Football Club. Since EA do not hold the licences to provide the teams from the Scottish First Division down to the third division (Rangers’ current division) in any of their FIFA games, it looks as if for the first time in FIFA’s history (since the SPL began) Rangers will not be included, or is it?

I began thinking, would EA go out their way to try and get the licence to have Rangers added to the game? Well we all know the answer is probably not. Let’s be honest, Rangers not being in the game won’t bother too many people, but it certainly would all Rangers fans across the world, and potentially Celtic fans. That’s right, Celtic fans. Not only would Rangers fans want to play as their beloved Gers, but Celtic fans would love to play against the Gers in FIFA. I’m not a fan of either, but even when playing with my mates I enjoy a good old firm derby match.

So, with no official licence likely, what other avenues are open to EA? The Rest of the World perhaps? If you’re not a FIFA veteran you may not know that you can choose teams from the Rest of the World selection – teams who are massive worldwide but play in leagues that, with no disrespect, contain a lot of teams no-one has ever heard of. You try and name another two teams who play in the same league as Boca Juniors. Rangers would fit perfectly into this current selection of teams. Outside of Britain not many people have heard of Elgin, Peterhead or Berwick Rangers.

The most difficult barrier seems the licence. However, for the first time of any note, EA did not have all the licenses for Euro 2012. Perhaps this may be extended to FIFA 13 so that The Rangers Football Club can be included? EA have been contacted but have yet to comment.

Would you like The Rangers FC to be in FIFA 13, licence or no licence? Share your thoughts in a comment below.

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