The Outfit Demo releases on XLM

Well it took its time, but it’s now finally here, The Outfit demo has been released on the Xbox Live Marketplace. The demo weighs in at 440mb and is available to all Xbox Live regions.

The demo is only a multi-player demo and for that reason it can only be played online with an Xbox Live Gold account. Silver account members are limited to offline 1vs1 over split screen compared to 8 players over Live.

Below are some details on what is inside the demo:

Map Name: Estate Assault
Game Type: Strategic Victory

-After a coordinated offensive – Allied Command has commandeered a French villa just across the river from the Axis HQ.
-Choose your side (Allies or Axis) and squad leader to play (3 from either side; 6 total) and lead your squad into battle to destroy the enemy’s HQ, while defending your own.
-Capture strategic points located throughout the map to earn Field Units (F.U.s) — that can be used on the fly to call in Destruction on Demandâ„¢ – air-dropped into the action at any time. Everything can be called in from tanks, jeeps and half-tracks to squad reinforcements, machine gun nests, anti-tank guns and even air-strikes on enemy positions.

If this demo has wet your appetite for more destruction, why not pre-order The Outfit over at or and help in the process.

After downloading the demo myself, I have ran into a problem (bug?) where it’s saying I cannot run the demo under PAL-50 where I am running at 720p and 60hz. If anyone encounters the same problem with their setup, let us know.

Anthony Barker

Anthony is the designer, developer and owner of Console Monster. In his spare time, Anthony is a keen gamer who enjoys playing mostly First-Person Shooters and Racing games. When he is not developing games or tweaking this site, Anthony likes to be on the slopes snowboarding or hurtling down off-road tracks on his mountain bike.

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