Team Hardcore changing in Halo 3

It was revealed today that when the upcoming update for Halo 3 hits in April the game variant for more skilled players ‘Team Hardcore’ will be becoming the MLG Playlist. The Major League Gaming Playlist will tweak the hardcore playlist to suit the needs of more professional players.

What if your not a pro, but wouldn’t mind a dabble in the glamour of professional gaming? Well MLG has your back covered as they will be producing a series of “Get Better Fast” content to help familiarize players of various skill levels with the strategies and tactics used by MLG’s pro players. So win, win, maybe?

What are your thoughts on this change?

Chris Brandrick

Chris is a 20 year old gamer who started out as an avid Nintendo player back in the early 90's but can now be found most nights on Xbox Live earning those Achievements! Chris is currently at University and runs his own personal site in his spare time. Look out for his Wii and 360 related news here on Console Monster.

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