Sensible Soccer Live Arcade?

Anyone that was around for the old Amiga days [Most will remember the Megadrive version-Ed] will remember some great games we all used to play. One of them I have fond/enraging memories about was Sensible Soccer or SWOS are it was known. The amount of hours I put into this game playing with my friends was immense. Custom teams and kits wasonly the beginning, later on you could have your own leagues too! The gameplay was superb and the addiction level ranked up there with pure crack. The game was that good people!

When it was announced a Sensi remake was in the pipeline, many people cheered but in the background all the oldies sighed and saw old school sensi as the best and anything less than that game would be heresy. Well According to a source at Codemasters,

“Codemasters originally planned to include the Amiga version of Sensible World of Soccer as an unlockable aspect of Sensible Soccer 2006,”

As much as people tried to unlock this on the new Sensible Soccer, it was left out at the end. Poor Sensi fans but there is still hope for all your old school fans.

According to Codemasters source they “want to do a rewrite of SWOS for Live Arcade”. Now even though this is a rumour the fact that Codemasters have brought Micro Machines V4 to the consoles, shows they are still looking at their old back catalogue games for ideas. Codemasters are “evaluating” the Xbox Live Arcade so SWOS could be winging its way to a Marketplace near you.

On a further note, if SWOS does make it to the Marketplace, could we see old school Micro Machines or even, dare I say it, Cannon Fodder there as well? The hope still burns gaming fans. 360Monster will keep you updated old school style.

Originally Written By: Barrie Rogers

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